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#1 Posted by Nijntje1971 (169 posts) -

Well, it's cheap today on Steam so I just bought it, just because.

But really don't know why, but perhaps I am even going to play it, or just watch the intro.

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#2 Posted by Forcen (2409 posts) -

Got me interested, is it worth it?

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#3 Posted by Nijntje1971 (169 posts) -

Ah! I posted something here... alas, I did buy it but didn't even installed it.

Installing it now and going to watch the intro. :)

Will tell if it is worth it ! ;-)

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#4 Posted by Binman88 (3700 posts) -

Tenner says it's a heap of balls.

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#5 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1267 posts) -

@Binman88 said:

Tenner says it's a heap of balls.

Why must you doubt Gunther?!

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#6 Edited by Nijntje1971 (169 posts) -

It is... sort of.. crappy. The intro is crap, the controls are crap, camera is crap, no widescreen support, AI is crap (Russians can't shoot), voices are .. interesting, you cannot save and story is crap. But the rest is OK. Got me scared a couple of times, played it 20 minutes, it's only 1,5Gb and it didn't cost a lot.

so.. DON'T BUY IT ;-)

O, I also made some screenshots. Before and during a headshot. Awesome!

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