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    Cold Storage

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    A mostly exact remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer map Chill Out, Cold Storage was a downloadable map released for free by Bungie during their annual Bungie Day celebration on July 7, 2008.

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    Cold Storage is a Halo 3 multiplayer map that was released on July 7th, 2008 as a free download to commemorate the annual Bungie Day event. The map's setting is a Forerunner-made Flood Containment/Research facility, located on Installation 05. Cold Storage is a remake a popular map from Halo: Combat Evolved, Chill Out, and is very much faithful to its predecessor in terms of design, geometry, and weapon placement.
    An overhead view of Cold Storage, with weapon placements for the default variant of the map.
    An overhead view of Cold Storage, with weapon placements for the default variant of the map.

    Obviously, certain elements of the map's geometry have been tweaked to better suit the altered physics in Halo 3 as compared to Combat Evolved, but the familiar jumps and shortcuts from the original remain largely intact. To help speed-up the pace of gameplay and encourage map movement, there are multiple one-way teleporters placed around the map that increase the amount of travel options for players. The map is one of the smallest non-Foundry maps available in the game, and is therefore best suited for smaller Free-For-All matches and team games with limited player counts; 2v2 matches are ideal.

    Miscellaneous Facts

    • Cold Storage was codenamed "Smuggler" prior to its official unveiling by Bungie.
    • There is a large monitor, similar in appearance to 343 Guilty Spark, that is housed permanently in the ceiling of the " Rocket room." The monitor is incapable of moving freely about the map by its restraints, but it is capable of pivoting in place. It has a bright blue eye that it uses to follow the movements of nearby players, which can help to highlight the presence of camouflaged players who may be in the area.
      The large monitor found in
      The large monitor found in "Rocket room."
    • The map was first revealed by Bungie employees Luke Smith (lukems) and Chad Armstrong (Shishka) at the 2008 MLG San Diego event. The two Bungie employees each teamed-up with a Halo 3 pro (Karma and Legend, respectively), and then proceeded to play a 2v2 match on the event mainstage in front of the tournament crowd to offer a first glimpse of the map's gameplay.
    • The teleporter nodes that can be placed on the map in Forge are aesthetically different from those found on all other maps in the game -- they feature a unique, circular base, and have a blue energy field instead of the traditional green. Despite the differences in appearance from regular teleporters, the Cold Storage teleporters function in exactly the same way.

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