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Fun, Cheap, and Underrated

Cold Winter is a very fun game, but let's go through some of the bad first. The controls, I feel, are a bit "slow" at times. I've looked for a "cross hair sensitivity option" or something, but I haven't found one. Also, the game does get a BIT choppy during some of the frantic parts. And the game gets a bit slow towards the later levels in terms of pace, but it always makes up for it by having a gunfest soon after. But to tell you the truth, that's about all that's wrong with this game. The levels are fun, the shooting is crazy, and there are some "puzzles", but they're just difficult enough, if at all. Which is good because you can get back to shooting things. Plus I got it at a price too, $7. 50. I heard of this game and was rather reluctant to buy it since I was thinking it was one of those cheap-o, raggedy, badly done shooters. I was very surprised to play it for 3 hours straight and not notice. It's just that fun. I haven't played it on-line due to it being so old now, but I have played multi-player offline (via Multi-tap) and it's beautiful. Anyway, if you like shooting games (straight shooters) and don't mind a few puzzles here and there, it's a very good game. It sort of reminds me of Black, if Black had less money behind it and an already accomplished developer. Seriously, It's great considering what you'll probably end up paying for it.

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