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Colette Brunel is the Chosen of Sylvarant and is one of the pivotal characters in Tales of Symphonia. She grew up in the village of Iselia along with her childhood friends, Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage. Because she is the Chosen, people often push responsibilities onto her, causing her to live a life of prayer and isolation. She is usually oblivious to detail but is caring to others. People usually claim that Colette is a klutz since she would usually trip or break things. Despite this, her clumsiness has the essence of luck as it has saved her friends many times over. However, she hides her pain under her carefree nature.

During her entire journey, Colette hides the agony of becoming an angel from her friends, afraid that she might become a burden. Her determination to protect the world is strong, going as far as to willingly sacrifice her body to do so. In the end, she was enlightened by Lloyd's ideals to protect all life without sacrifices, and decided that no life should be born for the sole purpose of dying. After their journey, Colette dedicates her life to making sure that no one would make the same mistake she did.

In battle

Colette uses angelic powers to augment her strength. Her weapons of choice are chakrams, disk like weapons that returns to the user when thrown. She has both melee and long range artes, allowing her to quickly adapt to the situaiton at hand. Her melee strike artes such as Pow Hammer and Para Ball have the potential to deal massive damage to enemies, with the former able to inflict the status Deadly Poison onto the opponent. Her ranged strike artes Ray Thrust and its varients involves her throwing a chakrams to strike from long range.

As the game progresses, Colette gains angelic spells, furthering her abilities in battle and allowing her to strike at a distance. Her first offensive spell, Angel Feathers, sends three Chakrams at a single enemy. Grand Cross targets an enemy and floats them in the air with light, ending with a cross that deals heavy damage. Judgment rains the field with powerful rays of light, dealing massive damage on struck enemies. Her final but most dangerous angel spell is Sacrifice, allowing her to deal damage onto all enemies and heal all allies at the cost of draining all of Colette's life. Her support angelic spell, Holy Song, chants a prayer that gives a temporary increase to everybody's attack and defensive factors. Her mystic arte, Holy Judgment, is a combination of her angelic spells Holy Song and Judgment and deals massive damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

Colette's prowess in battle is dependent of the user. Despite many criticisms of her battle movements, Colette can be swift and deadly on the battlefield. Her attribute as both a fighter and a spell caster creates a dangerous combination by allowing her to perform spell cancels in mid-attack. By spell canceling, Colette can execute long combos to deal massive damage onto enemies.

Note: Grand Cross is not in the U.S. or European release of Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube. Certain artes for Colette are removed in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. The following artes are removed: Dual Ray Thrust, Ray Satelite, Triple Ray Satelite, Para Ball, Torential Para Ball, Ring Cyclone, Angel Feathers, and Sacrifice. Grand Cross is added in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


Colette's most obvious relationship is with Lloyd Irving, whom she has been friends with since childhood. Lloyd was the reason why she was eager to go on her journey to regenerate the world, going as far as to stopping him from joining up with her. She is willing to protect him by any means necessary, even at the cost of her own life.

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