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    Collapse! Crunch

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 2004

    A spin-off of Super Collapse! II, featuring a unique large-playfield variation of each of the original's four game modes.

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    Collapse! Crunch is a puzzle game developed and digitally published by GameHouse for the PC and Mac in 2004.

    A spin-off of the 2002 game Super Collapse! II, Collapse! Crunch features a unique variation for each of the original's four game modes, all of which use a much larger playfield (28×20 for Crunch and Perplexor, 28×19 for Big and Zigzag)

    • Crunch is the game's main mode and is based on the original's Relapse mode, with blocks converging from multiple sides with their own "gravity". However, blocks now converge from all four sides, one block at a time, and the objective is prevent the blocks from touching a 2×2 sea mine at the center of the board.
    • Big is based on the original's Traditional mode. Each Level uses a different size playfield, with some splitting the playfield into multiple ones and some alternating the columns for each new row of blocks.
    • Perplexor is based on the original's Puzzle mode, with players attempting to clear a series of pre-made layouts at their own leisure. However, players are restricted to clicking blocks in the bottom three rows.
    • Zigzag is based on the original's Strategy mode, with rows of blocks rising from each click (instead of by time). However, each alternating column on the board is staggered and each click causes alternating columns to rise (rather than all of them), potentially causing groups to become mis-matched after each click.

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