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    An indie cyberpunk themed taxi driving game.

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    Collateral is a third-person vehicular combat game set in the cyberpunk, dystopian city of New Bedlam. Taking on the role of Zack Edgewater, a seemingly ordinary hovercab driver, the player is tasked with completing missions for passengers and the various factions that populate the various districts of the city.

    Collateral was successfully funded via Kickstarter and is in public alpha. The game was projected to have a final release in 2014 for PC.

    On June 29, 2018 the game was officially canceled after the developer Dancing Dinosaur Games shut down.


    The general flow of gameplay involves picking up passengers from short-range teleporters and completing a mission for them. There are several types of missions including races, package delivery, assassinations, and rampaging. Missions will reward you with cash and will occasionally unlock new upgrades or weapons. Cash can be spent at shops found around New Bedlam where the player will be able to customize their taxi with various upgrades and weapons. Upgrades affect the performance of the taxi, while weapons are used to defend yourself from the wide assortment of enemy vehicles and angry drivers that also populate the city.


    The story will revolve around the 8 primary factions that operate throughout New Bedlam. Rivalries exist between particular factions and the missions each faction offers will often involve doing something to thwart their rival. The player will have to make choices as they progress to determine which factions they ally with. The choices made will have consequences for the player and the city.


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