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    Collector's Edition

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    Limited editions of games that include extra "perks" like Making of DVDs and a nice and shiny tin with extra box art

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    Potential Contents

    Some of the items in collector's editions include the following:
    M1A1: Early access available in Collector's Editions of Call of Duty: World at War
    M1A1: Early access available in Collector's Editions of Call of Duty: World at War

    Making of DVD/Blu-Ray

    One of the more common inclusions in collector's editions, the making-of DVD or Blu-Ray is a perfect fit for the hardcore fan who wishes to shell out extra money for a game he or she loves and to have knowledge of how the game was made.

    Soundtrack of game

    Dedicated fans usually enjoy the songs in the games they love, so soundtrack CDs are a safe bet.

    In-game bonus Items

    This practice has grown increasingly common with the rise of downloadable content, and has also been used in MMORPGs to great effect.

    Art Books and Posters

    Another common inclusion; the art books and posters are a way for the developer to show its devoted fans tangible concept art that they can keep and put on display.

    Collector's Tins/Steelbook Case

    Spartan Helmet (Halo 3 Legendary Edition)
    Spartan Helmet (Halo 3 Legendary Edition)
    When plastic doesn't feel sturdy enough to protect an enthusiast's favorite game, the collector's edition often includes a tin or a steelbook case to solve this problem. 

    Cosmetic In-Game Items

    These items do nothing other than changing the appearance of an in-game item or character, keeping the playing field level between those who purchase the standard edition and those who spend the extra cash.

    Replicas of in-game items

    Some games have iconic weaponry or armor, such as Master Chief's helmet or the Lancers used by the soldiers in Gears of War. To that end, game companies produce real-life replicas of them for fans to enjoy.

    Extra DLC Before Regular Versions of the Game

    Some games will include early access to different multiplayer game types. This is also a common practice for pre-order bonuses.
    Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Strategy Guide
    Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Strategy Guide

    Usable Real-Life Items

    These include things such as carrying cases, duffel bags, and coffee mugs.

    Special Edition Strategy Guides

    In addition to providing another avenue to print limited edition artwork, the strategy guide is useful for the gamer who wants to know everything about the game from an official source.

    Price Discrimination

    Limited editions and collector's editions are ways for publishers to vary prices (Referred to as price discrimination in economics).  When a company sets a price for a product, people willing to pay at least that price will buy the game. If a game costs 60 dollars and a person is wiling to pay 70 dollars, the consumer has a 10 dollar consumer surplus. Companies would like to charge each buyer the maximum price he or she is willing to pay for the game. The most popular method for the game industry at the moment is to have limited and collector's editions of games priced differently from the standard 60 dollars.

    Region Specific Limited Editions

    Some collector's or limited editions are region specific meaning they are only released in one region like Europe or North America. For instance, God of War III's Collector's Edition was only available in Europe.

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