Do you think the "in-game" bonuses that collector's editions offer should also be available as DLC?

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I only referring to in-game items that the those editions offer.  
*this is the first thread in this specific forum. 

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I don't see why not, you're paying the company either way. And DLC also allows the extra money to keep coming in even after they stop producing the special edition version.

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Yeah, it's totally lame when people that preorder get something in-game that no one else can ever get. Preordering games is pretty risky in general, so people shouldn't be punished for not doing it.

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Fully agree. I also think it's lame that if you pre-order from a specific store you'll get exclusive in-game bonuses. On the other hand I have no problem with collector's editions. I thibk it's prefectly fine to charge extra for a bonus dvd with special features and/or game soundtrack, though sometimes they are crappy as in the case of the first Assassin's Creed game. That collector's edition was... 


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I'm not a fan of in-game content for collector's edition. To me, that doesn't add to a collection. I like shirts and figurines.  
But on topic, yeah. I think a few months later the content should be released to everyone.

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@Mordukai: Yeah. Also, I tend to think most collector's editions aren't worth the extra cash. I mean, really. Sometimes you get cooler box art, but I've never really seen anything too cool. I did like the GTAIV special edition bundle because I actually use the Rockstar duffle bag for carrying around games and controllers, and I use the lock box for stashing some extra cash. At least those items are practical and aren't just going to sit around and collect dust. I also think Modern Warfare 2's night-vision goggles could be really cool, but I don't know if I'm going to preorder the game just to get them. I'm concerned the quality of them might not be too great, but I'm still thinking about getting it.

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