Colony Wars: Vengeance

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 05, 1998

    The second Colony Wars game. Once again a war is raging between the League of Free Worlds and the Colonial Navy. However, this time, you fight for the Navy.

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    Colony Wars: Vengeance is the sequel to the well-received space dogfighter Colony Wars. It takes place after the League of Free Worlds destroys the Earth Colonial Navy's jumpgate out of the Sol system, effectively trapping them within their own overcrowded solar system. After decades of civil war and in-fighting, the Colonial Navy gains enough strength to overcome local tribes and renew efforts to leave Sol and seek revenge on the League. You take the role of a pilot within the Colonial Navy.


    Colony Wars: Vengeance plays exactly like Colony Wars. It makes use of the D-pad for flight direction with support for using the dual-analog sticks instead. The face buttons are used for weapon selection and firing. Shoulders control the thrust and roll.  
    Rare to most games of the space dogfighting genre is the branching storyline based on mission performance. Colony Wars had it and it's back again in Colony Wars: Vengeance. The story continues whether you succeed or fail at the mission. Fail too often and you'll see the games' worst endings.  
    Ship selection varies from small fighters to larger space superiority craft. The two primary weapon types are lasers and missiles, both of which come in a number of varieties with the standards being anti-shield and anti-hull. These two become your bread and butter for most missions, wearing down enemy ships with the anti-shield weaponry before finishing them off with anti-hull. To assist in the fight you're provided a 3D radar and AI wingmen.

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