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    Colony Wars

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 04, 1997

    A war is raging between the League of Free Worlds and the Colonial Navy. You are a League fighter pilot. It's time to fight!

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    Colony Wars is the first game in what would become a trilogy. A space combat simulation game by Psynosis, it owes much to the Wing Commander Series. The unnamed protagonist, a space fighter pilot for the League of Free Worlds, fights a series of missions over several star systems. The game came on two discs.

    The Colonial Navy, the military wing of the mighty Earth Empire, oppresses its colonies to keep a dying earth resupplied. The League of Free Worlds, a group of colony worlds in open revolt, fights back for independence from Earth. The battle rages from the League's home system of Gallonigher, across the galaxy, with the eventual goal of capturing or isolating Earth.

    "Connected to" in the bottom left hand corner.

    The game featured a branching storyline with 5 different ending depending on what missions the player completes or fails.

    The game may also hold the record for earliest console game to display "Connected to", despite the fact the Playstation 1 had absolutely no network capabilities.


    Anti-Shield LaserUsed to drain the shields of an enemy, preventing damage to the hull.
    LaserDoes minimal damage to the shields, quickly destroys hull.
    EMP GunDisrupts enemy electrical systems, prevents enemies from gaining a lock. Prolonged use can disable a ship entirely.
    Scatter GunRapid fire, high spread weapon. Good against shields, great against hull.
    Plasma CannonSlow moving, greatly damages shields with damage bleeding through to hull.
    Motion MissileCan only track enemies if they are moving above a certain speed, bad against shields, good against hull.
    Tracker MissileHeat seeking missile, but it will lose it's lock over time.
    Anti-Shield MissileStrips some ships of shields entirely, effective against large frigates or cruisers.
    EMP MissileCan disable most craft in one hit.
    Plasma TorpedoThis torpedo deals huge hull damage and has area of effect capabilities, damaging any smaller ships nearby.
    Anti-Shield TorpedoDeals huge shield damage with AOE on smaller ships.
    Burst TorpedoThis missile bursts into many smaller missiles after 5 seconds. Highly effective against large ships or clusters of small fighters.
    Grapple GunTractor beam, prevents target from moving .
    Mole MissileTags ships and displays their location on the Radar at all times.

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