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    Colt Detective Special

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    A .32 calibre revolver used by the American police in the 1940's.

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    The Colt Detective Special is a 'snub-nosed' revolver, well known for its distinctive shape and design. The design was originally conceived to allow detectives to carry a weapon, even when wearing plain clothing. The Detective Special was first introduced in the year 1927. As names suggest, the Detective Special fires a .32 round, which was comparatively powerful when the weapon was most commonly employed.

    Game Appearances

    Hitman: Blood Money

    The 'Snubnose', as it is referred to in-game, is first encountered during the mission 'A Vintage Year'. This is the first 'true' mission in the game, and the weapon is carried by Fernando Delgado, who can be found upstairs in the mansion playing his cello. The Snubnose can be collected, and is needed for a complete weapon collection in the Hideout. However, it is outclassed by virtually all the other pistols in the game, due to its comparatively low stopping power and limited capacity, holding only six rounds. Other pistols, such as the SLP .40, are much superior to the Snubnose.

    Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

    During Mafia, the Detective Special is a very important weapon to become familiar with. It eventually replaces the Colt M1911 as Tommy Angelo's primary weapon. The Detective Special is needed for the assassination mission 'Happy Birthday', and becomes the primary sidearm of the game after this. It is heavily outclassed by the M1911, as it is less accurate and less powerful. Should players be able to deal with this aspect, it can be used quite effectively. 

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