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    Comanche 4

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 12, 2001

    Comanche 4 was the last in a series of RAH-66 Comanche simulator games. The game was praised for it's unique gameplay and sharp visuals.

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    Comanche 4 put you in control of a RAH-66 Comanche military helicopter gunship. As a RAH-66 Comanche pilot, you were assigned to various anti-terrorism campaigns, ranging from escort missions to search and destroy missions. The gameplay was a mixture of simulation flying and first-person shooting, creating a unique mechanic that few games have tried since. 


    Comanche 4's graphics were highly praised. Using an engine based on new voxel technology (the Voxel Space engine), the developers were able to create much more detailed and realistic terrain than in any other game at the time. The environment reacted to the helicopters presence; grass and trees swayed, crewman ducked and shielded their faces and dust kicked up as your helicopter approached the ground. Also noteworthy were the detailed explosions due to the use of voxel technology. 


    While Comanche 4 was received fairly well by critics, and development of Comanche 5 was well underway, it eventually was canceled in late 2004 due to the U.S. military's stoppage of the RAH-66 program.

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