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The Combat Cross was invented by Rinaldo Gandolfi, a member of the Brotherhood of Light, a large holy cross made of wood, leather, and iron, which contains an incredibly long length of metal chain, much longer than could actually fit inside the Combat Cross' body. This chain is used in the hands of a skilled wielder as a whip, and is the signature weapon of Gabriel Belmont, monster hunter and champion of the Brotherhood in the year 1047. Each link in the chain was doused with holy water and blessed individually, giving it even more power against the creatures of darkness. Although the Combat Cross used by Gabriel Belmont was the most powerful, there were many more created; one such weapon was used by his son, Trevor Belmont, and eventually fell into the hands of Trevor's son Simon. Before Simon reclaimed the Combat Cross, however, the vile Toy Maker studied it for many years, reverse-engineering it to create Dark Pain, a similar, though unholy, chain whip which can only be used by creatures of the night - and was thus used by the vampire Alucard against the minions of Dracula. Gandolfi's designs were so profoundly effective against monsters of darkness that even in the year 2047, the leader of the Brotherhood, Victor Belmont, still used a Combat Cross in battle.

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