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    Combo Breaker

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    The ability to break a combo at either the auto-double or linker stage. Most commonly found in the Killer Instinct series. Also a famous internet meme.

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    A combo is where one player performs a series of moves in such a fast succession that if their opponent is caught by the first attack, they can do nothing to stop or escape the rest of the series. As longer combos became more common, some developers implemented a function into some games that would allow a player to escape a combo by using a particular move.

    Killer Instinct was the first series to implement the feature, and is where the name came from(and is, indeed, the only series to use the term). Other games, while not using the term Combo Breaker use a feature with the same function, such as the Guilty Gears Burst gauge, or Bleach DS where a super metre can be sacrificed to perform an escape move.


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