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Combo Postage is a small one-player run-and-jump action puzzle game. Join Sue on her part time job at a weird underground shipping facility! Dodge falling boxes, wrap them up in tape, then stomp them in stacks to rack up combos.


Difficult fast-paced risk-vs-reward puzzle action!

Let taped boxes pile up for potential combos, but try not to get too greedy. The higher the stack, the closer it gets to being toppled by an indestructible skull box! Oh, and watch out for the occasional laser blast or plume of flame.

Rebindable three button controls for both keyboard and gamepad.

Move, jump, climb, and stomp with just three buttons!

Custom mode!

Turn on and off hazards, increase or decrease the amount of boxes that appear at the start, and more!

Check your stats!

See just how many packages you've helped ship out in the records room! If you're feeling social, maybe chat with whoever's working?


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