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 CAPTAIN SMILEY AND STAR ESCAPING AN EXPLOSIVE PANEL!!!!!! Twisted Pixel has been doing very well with their first two original games, The Maw and ‘Splosion Man. But with their third outing based on the many eras of animation styles filled with constant humor and very challenging yet fun gameplay, they have made Comic Jumper the best in their collection so far. Following superhero Captain Smiley and his chest-embedded sidekick Star, their short lived action comic book series has been a...

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Heavy on self-adulation, painfully short on gameplay. 1

  Indie developer Twisted Pixel has made quite an impact upon the XBLA scene, showing early promise with the underrated 2009 downloadable title The Maw, and rocketing to superstardom with last summer’s excellent ‘Splosion Man.   ‘Splosion Man in particular was noteworthy for mixing excellent and inventive gameplay with a depraved and wickedly delirious sense of humor.   This, combined with pitch-perfect challenge that followed a punishing--yet fair--learning curve, made for one of the be...

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Comic Jumper: Superhero with a twist. 0

No jumping in here? That's too bad cause I look pretty dang cool when I jump! Comic Jumper gets you in the shoes of Captain Smiley and his biologically attached friend Star. Together they starred in "The Adventures of Captain Smiley", a comic book that is published by (developers of the game) Twisted Pixel. When the readers stop enjoying reading the comic, Captain Smiley is forced to work under a new contract with Twisted Pixel as a cameo comic superhero aiding other superheroes of comics from t...

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Someone's strange, dark childhood fantasy 0

Gah! I can’t decide whether or not I idolized or merely tolerated Comic Jumper. If you judge a title on the sole merits of its gameplay, then this is the dog’s bollocks. It’s a not-particularly-great shooter that is rife with annoying filler. But yet the overall experience is just so damned strange and amusing that it almost has to be played by anyone that can appreciate a good South Park episode. In trying to write this, I found myself flip-flopping in tone between “this game is a flaming...

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Just sit back and relax, take a look at all them stats 0

 Comic Jumper is a deranged, ridiculous, and hilarious action side-scroller that could be considered absolute genius or possibly the pinnacle of idiocy.  The real catch with Comic Jumper is that everything that happens is a joke of some form, and the intention behind every single second of the game is to make you laugh.  Hard.  And they pretty much throw every other objective out the window to achieve that.The hero of Comic Jumper is Captain Smiley, a buff-built, tight-wearing superhero star of ...

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I love Comic Jumper. I hate Comic Jumper. 2

 Note: Originally posted at     Genre: Platformer/Shooter | Developer: Twisted Pixel | Publisher: Twisted Pixel/Microsoft Game Studios | Platform: Xbox Live Marketplace | Players: 1 | Rating: T (Teen)I love Comic Jumper. I hate Comic Jumper. I love Comic Jumper. It has such great style and charm, it’s deliciously crazy, and it can be extremely witty. While the humor starts off really broad and a little off-putting, I soon found myself s...

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A series that's best unpublished 0

Whenever a game gets too tough or a little frustrating, I tend to find my mind thinking of 3 things: A) I'm just terrible at the game and will admit. B) My reflexes aren't there and despite knowing how to play, that day inexplicably I'm playing like crap. And C: the game is just poorly designed. While you can improve on A and the "off nights" are common among anyone, it's C that becomes the hard part to narrow down and determine whether it is just you or whether it's the game. Unfortunately in C...

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Wanna go learn stuff? 0

As someone who’s enjoyed Twisted Pixel’s work thus far, I was hopeful that Comic Jumper would continue their trend of fun arcade titles on the cheap. And while there’s plenty of their trademark humor and charm spread throughout, the core gameplay is pretty disappointing. Comic Jumper is a game that’s occasionally fun to witness, but rarely fun to actually play, and I don’t feel comfortable recommending it to anyone looking for anything more than a few lighthearted laughs. It doesn’t tak...

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Captain Smiley - A must play game 0

Twisted Pixel has produced an experience that is both funny and full of unlockable "behind-the-scenes" extras that make up for challenging---frustrating all too often--gameplay. It is a must play game for aspiring game creators, comic book fans, and anyone who has $15 bucks burning a hole in his or her pocket.  Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is a worthwhile game that has some major problems in the "game" department.  Be ye forewarned, Comic Jumper is a side-scrolling platform / t...

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The Good, The Bad, and The Jumpy 0

 Twisted Pixel has become a sort of powerhouse for XBLA. Their previous titles The Maw and ‘Splosion Man are known for their high production quality and signature brand of silly craziness. With their hilarious new release Comic Jumper, this trend of high quality super-absurdity has reached new heights. Unfortunately, all that awesome is bogged down by some mediocre gameplay. Comic Jumper has you playing the role of Captain Smiley, who looks just like your average superhero - except that he has a...

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Comic jumper is funny a rare thing in games 0

  Comic jumper is a XBLA game made by twisted pixels the people who made explosion man and The Maw. The game intends to be there first game that focuses on comedy even though the other games they made have some of the truly funny lines.   The game is set out in the failing comic of captain smiley and by the end of the first issues the comic get cancelled causing captain smiley having to guest star in other comics. This cause the game to have four different art styles mange, barbarian (rip off ...

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Comic Jumper Review 0

 Comic Jumper is an Xbox live Arcade game by Twisted Pixel. The Game starts out as you take the role of Captain Smiley, a superhero with a smiley face for a head, and a sentient, star-shaped emblem on his chest, appropriately named Star . The game begins with a battle against the Smiley’s and Star’s arch nemesis, Brad, who’s one of those guys that likes tanning oil, and that the girls supposedly go gaga for. He sends his waves of robotic fans at you in a Contra-like sequence. It then is r...

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Comic Jumper Review 0

By -- Craig H.Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is the third original IP from developer Twisted Pixels. Both of the studios previous games, ‘Splosion Man and The Maw, were met with high praise and Comic Jumper is no different. If they were not considered already, Twisted Pixel is easily the best original downloadable game developer in the business.Comic Jumper follows Captain Smiley and his chest-attached sidekick, Star, as they are trying to regain their own comic book series. Shor...

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Original greatness 0

Ever since I first saw that Comic jumper was going to be a game I wanted it. And finally a year after it came out I finally scramble up the money for the game. And once I got it I played the game straight for 2 days (Mainly trying to get that stupid shoot 125,000 bullets achievement). But It was fun and Original (Which is somewhat uncommon these days. I was refreshed with it and being an avid comic lover the game gave me some laughs. I especially like the silver age section which made fun of the...

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One of the best comedy games of recent times. My DarkZero review 0

 Captain Smiley is Twisted Pixel’s latest video game character creation. He’s also the star of Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley. He’s a dude that dresses like a super hero, with an emoticon face that looks like it’s jacked up on steroids. It’s no wonder he looks a little funny, the people at Twisted Pixel are no strangers to unique and amusing character designs and personalities. Take their last game, ‘Splosion Man, it featured a guy made out of red exploding matter who could b...

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