glad there is finally another one

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i love the fast game play, the ridiculous units, and just how silly these games always are. ESPECIALLY the second one. its been too long without a wacky RTS.

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#2 Posted by isomac (141 posts) -

I agree. I think RA2 is my favourite game in the C&C series. It's just pure fun.

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Loved Command and Conquer 3 when it came out, and Red Alert 3 is looking even better. Always loved the gameplay of the CnC games, and thought the Red Alert universe was the best, so very interested in seeing how this game turns out - hopefully they'll do it right and we'll end up with an extremely solid RTS.

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FYI: Deleting your own blank post makes you a mod.

One thing that concerns me about the Red Alert series is they are trying to ignore Red Alert 1 as if it never happened. They can't just ignore the fact that Kane planted the idea of attacking the allies in Stalin's head.  Kane was the Soviet puppet master in RA 1 just as Yuri was the Soviet puppet master in RA 2.

Now I'm not saying they should explain it in the Red Alert series, but they should have a Tiberium game that shows the how, when, and why Kane traveled to a parallel universe and change it's history making the Red Alert conflict what it is today.

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I kinda agree with dude what I'd like to see what that was all about and think it could make for a interesting storyline although what kinda bugs me is that even though the gameplay in the red alert series is my favourite Kane is just such a cool guy to take orders from and none of the live actors in the RA series have been quite as fun to watch (although Tanya is a close second)

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I can't wait for beta to start, from what I understand it starts really soon.

its such a shame that CNC3 and its expantion were so bad. But its just in typical EALA/Westwood Fashion I guess. RA was always the last game to take advantage of a fully fleshed out engien and deisigne ideas learned from the games out befor it. All the problems with CNC3 have been fixed from what I'm seeing so far.

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They have Mechs in RA3... what the heck? Seems too futuristic..

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With Greg Kasavin working on it, who wouldn't like it?
Haha, but I really am excited for this game.

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