I'd love for a good Re-boot.

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Back to the fundamentals and with less cheesyness, no more FMV and made more like a proper RTS game.

Mortal Kombat showed that a proper reboot can be done, I'd love to see it again.

I thought that CnC 3 was a step in the right direction but CnC 4 was a joke, the game play, art style, story, music and so on were all terrible.

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They wouldn't get it right because they can't figure out what made C&C 1 special.

One of C&C1's trademarks was fmv's btw. But they were unintentionally funny. In the sequels they tried to be funny and it didn't really work.

Also, all that stuff involving mechs, aliens etc was not what C&C originally was. It has to be very near future tech, almost present day with some very light sci-fi influences. An adrenaline pumping soundtrack is also necessary. No other C&C came close to C&C1 in that regard.

Gameplay-wise, it has to be a base-building game that relies heavily on tank rush vs digging yourself into base-tactics. F that dynamic shit of modern rts games, with less units, moving bases (or none at all) etc. I want to build a base, I want to hole myself into that base and I want to tank rush my opponent! That's C&C.

As for the graphics, they should also take a look at the first game - it had a relatively realistic, brownish color palette which was crucial for the atmosphere.

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I bought, installed, played, uninstalled, and subsequently hated myself for having experienced CnC4 in the span of 10 minutes.

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THE Command & Conquer: RECKONING

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Played a pirated version of CNC4 for like half an hour since I was incredibly skeptical. Top 10 of the worst games I have ever played, what the fuck were they thinking?

I would love the shit out of a proper ass CNC though, FMV and all.

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@Ertard said:

Played a pirated version of CNC4 for like half an hour since I was incredibly skeptical. Top 10 of the worst games I have ever played, what the fuck were they thinking?

I would love the shit out of a proper ass CNC though, FMV and all.

I bought C&C 4 because C&C is a franchise I really care about, and I actually liked the FMVs and story in C&C 3 and wanted to see how it would all end. I thought going for a darker story as they advertised could be good. 
Basically what I'm trying to say, is I regret the purchase.
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Just play the originals again. Not as if they crumbled into dust. 

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The big thing behind the recent Command and Conquer iterations being all over the place is the fact that most of the original group of people (Westwood Studios) who conceived and executed on the idea of C&C have been long gone since EA bought them. Most of the original group ended up leaving to Petroglyph Games. They're doing pretty well but I'm pretty sure their games nowadays have come a long way from what we know and love of C&C. (They're working on that "MMORTS" End of Nations right now.)

Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever have a reboot similar to the MK reboot considering that the people behind the original C&C games have all gone their separate ways. While some of them are still "together" at EA LA or Petroglyph, it seems neither group of ex-Westwood employees are actively seeking to bring an RTS that could succeed what we remember the C&C games to be, sadly.

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If they don't bring back Joe Kucan and then reboot the entire thing with a new story then they shouldn't bring back FMV. The FMV was a hallmark of the series, the acting was hammy as hell most of the time but done well enough through out the games. C&C3 was a great playing game and the FMV was pretty high quality.  It was Red Alert 3 that the FMV got stupid in my opinion, Red Alert 1 was so hammy but serious in the first game it was unintentionally goofy, the second game played into this and exploited the alternate universe stuff but still played the FMV straight with Udo Kier and Ray Wise. Red Alert 3 went down hill with it, it wasn't taking it serious at all. Instead of letting the player laugh at the goofiness when it happened it was just winking at and nudging the player every time something stupid happened, there was no subtlety at all. Some would say it needed to go that way but I didn't like it at all, it was all too forced. I didn't much care for any of the changes they made to the formula in Red Alert 3 either, the co-op campaign was interesting but not that entertaining on your own. As for C&C4 the minute I played the beta of C&C4 I knew it was rubbish, it was not how C&C plays. 
They should take another stab at Generals although people might be sick of modern warfare games.

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