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    Command Grab

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    In 2D fighting games, a command grab is a character-unique grab that is triggered by performing a special move command. It is the primary weapon of a "grappler" character.

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    The Command Grab is one of the many special move archetypes present in 2D fighting games. They differ from "normal" grabs in that they are not available for every character and use a special move input. A character is said to be a grappler if their moveset consists of a multitude of command grabs or their moveset is geared toward landing a single, powerful command grab.
    Command grabs can, for the most part, be split into three broad categories: Strong command grabs, fast command grabs, and positional command grabs.

    Strong Grabs

    The earliest type of command grab, strong grabs are massive moves which are usually among the most damaging special moves in a given game. To balance their immense power, strong grabs usually cannot be used on an opponent that is reeling from a normal hit. Additionally, many require a 360-degree directional input; "super" variations on these moves might require 720-degree inputs which are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to perform without using another action to set it up.
    The Capcom "brand" of grappler mostly utilize this type of grab; examples include Zangief (the original grappler), T. Hawk, and Hugo Andore.

    Fast Grabs

    On the other hand, fast grabs aren't much more damaging than other special moves. However, their inputs usually don't require a 360 motion (many use a Half Circle motion) and they can usually be comboed into from normal attacks. Grapplers who use these types of grabs are, on average, much faster than traditional grapplers.
    SNK grapplers specialize in moves of this type. Clark Steel and Shermie are two examples of characters that use fast grabs.

    Positional Grabs

    These grapples might not deal very much damage by themselves, but they force the victim into certain positions that are to the performer's advantage. Yun and Yang from Street Fighter can flip over their opponent, Makoto from the same series chokes the opponent and places them on their feet for a followup attack, Iori from KOF shoves the opponent away, and Athena and Kasumi Todoh launch the opponent into the air.

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