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Capcom’s run-and-gun arcade classic 0

Commando is not another thinly veiled rip-off of an American action movie by a 1980s game developer. It actually came out a few months before the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger film in 1985. Regardless, the game is just as much about mowing down bad dudes in the jungle with machine guns and grenades. This is the first game where you take on the role of developer Capcom’s recurring soldier character Joseph “Super Joe” Gibson, today tasked with saving hostages from one of the many fictional junta-ru...

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Rumble in the Jungle 0

 A feverish top down vertical scroller about a renegade soldier taking on hordes of gun-wielding enemies. Commando is a rather simple game, weapons are limited to your faithful machine gun and grenades. Avoiding the bullets fired by the enemies makes the game difficult, because there is no energy bar and one hit will force your avatar to surrender with his hands high up in the air. The game has a very steep difficulty curve and back in the day, completing it earned you lots of resp...

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