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    Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 24, 1998

    Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time tactics game. Events take place in Europe and Africa during World War II where a group of six Allied Commandos performs missions using each of their unique skills and abilities.

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    Commandos lets the player control a unit of a British special forces, tackling various missions set during World War II. The game is viewed from an isometric perspective and stretches over 20 missions. Each missions features several or all (depending on the mission) specialists and varying goals. The enemy soldiers roam around the maps, control specific areas and follow patrol lines. The player is prone to avoid enemy contact. Thus, a cone of vision follows the enemy soldiers around and the player is advised to sneak around and hide. The game is more a stealth than an action game, and careful planning is usually the best way to succeed. The individual units have unique abilities and like in a puzzle game, the maps offer obstacles which can only be tackled by the respective units.


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    Jerry "Tiny" McHaleThe Green BeretThe strongest and most skillful soldier in the team. An expert in hand-to-hand combat and can kill more enemies than any other team members
    • Carry heavy objects
    • Carry dead bodies
    • Distract enemy soldiers using a Decoy
    • Silent kills using a combat knife
    • Hiding himself in the snow or sand using a shovel
    • Climb walls and hills
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    Sir Francis T. Woolridge aka DukeThe SniperHis usefulness is limited but the Sniper is extremely invaluable in taking out enemies from a great distance
    • Ability to shoot long range enemies using his precision rifle
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    James Blackwood aka FinsThe Diver/ The MarineA silent killer much like the Green Beret but instead of hiding in a hole, he hides underwater and kills his targest using a knife or a harpoon
    • Swim underwater using his diving gear and stay submerged indefinitely
    • Silent kills using his combat knife and harpoon
    • Pilot boats and submarines
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    Russell Hancock aka InfernoThe SapperA demolition expert and master of explosives. The Sapper is needed when it comes to blowing up buildings, large weaponry and vehicles
    • Plant time bombs and remote controlled bombs
    • Silent kills using a bear trap
    • Ability to kill a group of enemies using hand grenades
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    Sid Perkins aka TreadThe DriverProbably the least used of all the Commandos. Aside from being the team medic, the Driver's sole purpose is to drive vehicles for escape attempts or for offensive attacks
    • Skilled in driving any land terrain vehicles like trucks, tanks and buggies
    • Power to mow down enemies using his submachine gun
    • Medical kit for healing wounds
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    Rene Duchamp
    aka Spooky
    The SpyMaster of disguise and the ultimate silent killer. Skillful in distracting an enemy soldier by making him face in one direction for a long period of time and silencing them with a poisonous syringe
    • Ability to use enemy uniforms to disguise himself
    • Carry dead bodies
    • Ability to distract enemy soldiers
    • Silent kills using a lethal injection



    MissionsAvailable CommandosIn-Game DatesObjectives
    1. Baptism of FireGreen Beret, Marine, DriverFebruary 20,1941Blow up the relay station on the northwestern island
    2. A Quiet Blow UpGreen Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, DriverMarch 1, 1941Blow up the fuel depot within the walled camp
    3. Reverse EngineeringGreen Beret, Marine, Sapper, SpyMarch 4, 1941Blow up the large dam
    4. Restore PrideGreen Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, DriverMarch 10, 1941Demolish the German headquarters building
    5. Blind JusticeGreen Beret, SpyMay 2, 1941Blow up the radar station in the mountaintop base
    6. Menace of The LeopoldGreen Beret, Sniper, SapperMay 10, 1941Destroy the Leopold cannon
    7. Chasing of The WolvesGreen Beret, Marine, Sapper, Driver, SpyFebruary 7, 1942Set off explosives on the two submarines at dock

    North Africa

    MissionsAvailable CommandosIn-Game DatesObjectives
    8. PyrotechnicsGreen Beret, SniperOctober 19, 1942Blow up the water tower and fuel storage tanks at the German supply depot
    9. A Courtesy CallGreen Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Driver, SpyOctober 20, 1942Destroy the communications control building, the antenna, the weapons store, the command post and the bunker
    10. Operation IcarusGreen Beret, Sniper, Sapper, DriverNovember 14,1942Rescue the downed pilot named Captain George McRae, destroy the weapons store, and blow up the two Ju-87 Stuka dive-bombers
    11. Into The SoupGreen Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Driver, SpyDecember 3,1942Destroy all four oil rigs
    12. Up On The RoofGreen Beret, Sniper, SpyMarch 15, 1943Rescue the Informer from confinement


    MissionsAvailable CommandosIn-Game DatesObjectives
    13. David and GoliathGreen Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, DriverMay 15, 1944Sink the Bismarck II and destroy the fuel tanks
    14. D-Day Kick OffGreen Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, DriverMay 25, 1944Destroy all four coastal guns
    15. The End of The ButcherSniper, Marine, Driver, SpyAugust 26, 1944Assassinate the SS Grupenfuhrer Helmut Schleper and destroy the headquarters building


    MissionsAvailable CommandosIn-Game DatesObjectives
    16. Stop WildfireSniper, Marine, SpySeptember 4, 1944Kill all the German sappers before they can blow up the bridge over the Maas
    17. Before DawnGreen Beret, Marine, SpyNovember 28, 1944Free French Resistance leader Claude Gilbert and his four collaborators
    18. The Force of CircumstanceGreen Beret, Marine, Sapper, DriverDecember 16, 1944Destroy the bridge over the River Maas (the very same bridge that you protected in Mission 16)
    19. Frustrate RetaliationGreen Beret, Sniper, Marine, SapperJanuary 12, 1945Destroy all three V2 rockets and their launch pads
    20. Operation ValhallaGreen Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver, SpyFebruary 11, 1945Blow up the headquarters in Gundelfingen Castle, as well as both V2 missiles

    PC System Requirements


    • Microsoft Windows 95/98
    • P166MHz
    • 32MB RAM
    • 1MB SVGA card
    • DirectX 6.1 compatible sound card
    • DirectX 6.1
    • 225MB hard drive space


    • Pentium II 233 MHz
    • 64 MB RAM

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