Company of Heroes 2 Beta Impressions

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Haven't accessed the beta myself, but COH was/is potentially the greatest RTS of the last generation (maybe SC2) and considering the minimal amount of hype the game has received thus far I was hoping to hear some impressions of those who are participating in the beta.

Right now the game on amazon is showing a release date of December 31st of this year. Doubtful that is reliable though.

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I had no idea there even was a beta running now.

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It's the sort of game that is really hard to get hyped about. I don't think anyone will deny how spectacular the first game was, but it wasn't a mainstream hit. In the RTS genre, only those mainstream hits (Warcraft, Starcraft) get a ton of hype.

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There's a beta? Is it something you get when you pre-purchase or an open beta anyone can try out for a weekend?

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Apologies, the game is only in alpha. When pre-ordered the site indicated a beta would be available, but due to the game's deferral down to later in 2013, alpha stage is the current phase. The COH2 website has some people talking about their alpha experience.

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But they've been taken down due to an NDA with Relic. Indications are that the beta is ready and coming though.

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