More details about CoH 2 (for whoever is interested).

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Posted on the Relic forums by a user who played the game on Gamescon:

The russian rifle squad has 6 men, the russian engineer squad 4 men

Every infantry unit can become the crew of a tank (in this example 3 soldiers of a russian rifle squad recrewed a t34)

Gridkeys is included

A reverse-button is included

Different units have different view ranges, view cones and units cant see that well whats going on behind them.

Commander-system (probably) revealed:

You can build commanders as individual units that have special abilities (the russian commander in this example has: an artillery barrage, an IL2 sturmovik airstrike, a katyusha strike). Those special abilities become unlocked at certain veterancy levels.

More details on the ressource system: Sectors exist but provide manpower. To gain access to fuel or munition you have to build fuel/ammo-depots with your engineers anywhere on the map. When you built those depots behind enemy lines you gain more ressources because you additionally steal ressources from your opponents.

Lend & Lease is represented: Russians borrow US Halftracks.

Russian light tank crews and russian snipers are female.

The russian sniper team consists of two women, they cant cloak and move at the same time but cloak automatically when being in green/yellow cover.

Another thing i forgot to mention:

Tank crews can open the tank hatch and look outside to get better line of sight (LoS of tanks is very limited), however: This exposes them to small arms fire.

I'm getting seriously pumped about this game now.

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Resource system seems cool.

And a reverse button? A welcome addition. I can't tell you how many times a vehicle I wanted to retreat to safety has taken a rocket or tank round up the butt just because they had to turn around to drive away from impending doom.

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Any details on how the Germans are going to be implemented? Or is it just Soviet gameplay?

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Yes! I wish there was some actual game play footage around. This is gonna be a def day 1 buy.

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Oh man that sounds sweet. Only partially dabbled in the original but I loved every second, even if I was awful at it.

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Good stuff. I am not good at RTS games, but I loved Company of Heroes. More than Starcraft.

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@Giantstalker said:

Any details on how the Germans are going to be implemented? Or is it just Soviet gameplay?

Unfortunatelly the only details that Relic leak are about the Soviets and their campaign. And I will indeed be disappointed if I don't see a German campaign. Also expecting new panzers.
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@antikorper said:

I'm getting seriously pumped about this game now.

Yeah, you and me both brother, every time I see that awesome announcement trailer I get more excited. Anyway will sniper units be exclusively made up of women? I'm well aware of many women being snipers in the Soviet army during WWII , but all of them? I honestly hope the dude misspoke. As for the German campaign, I'm honestly hoping they'll keep it for CoH 3 or DLC (which I'll skip). But yeah, it's looking like it's going to be an amazing game.

Loading Video...

Here's also a lot of info about the effects of General Winter. Fuck, now I'm hyped and I'll have to wait a year, damn my curiosity!

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@TheDudeOfGaming: No love for the Wehrmacht? I'm actually more excited about a German campaign mainly because I've played enough games where I fight for the allied cause. An insight into the Balkan campaign would also be great. Yugoslavia alone gave 1 million victims. As for the snipers - I don't really care about the gender, but I did like the Eastern Front mod's addition of a spotter for the sniper (who wields a non-scoped Mosin-Nagant actually, we know rifles were deficit in the USSR at this time).
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@antikorper said:

@TheDudeOfGaming: No love for the Wehrmacht? I'm actually more excited about a German campaign

Well, I guess I should have expected that from a Bulgarian. Zing! Balkan style. Nah, just kidding, shouldn't involve Giantbomb with my nationalistic rantings, there are other sites for youtube. But yeah, there's just no way I can play as nazi Germany. I've tried it in the past, but there were voices in the back of my head that wouldn't let me be.

Regardless even if there is a German campaign I doubt they'll include the Balkans. It's all about the eastern front in Company of Heroes 2, and when it comes to WWII games that's like water in the Sahara for me. Props to Relic for the cojones.

Also, on German campaign

• Can you tell us about the German faction we will have to play with? Will they be Ostheer? Wehrmacht? Panzer Elite? Will the Germans have their own campaign in the game?
In Company of Heroes 2 we’ll be focusing on telling the story of the Eastern Front with the Russian Army fighting off the invading Wehrmacht. This is a huge story to tell with some of the largest military confrontations in history.

Directly from the forums answered by the devs. Sorry antikorper.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: You have to look on things less politically. I mean, ok, they're the bad guys, BUT... they have great panzers, a fockin V1 rocket, nevelwerfers and what not. I guess that's why there are more Wehr players in Tales of Valor.
Am I the only one who thinks the 800mm Schwerer Gustav would be a fun addition to the campaign?
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@antikorper: Yup, they're the bad guys that shot my great grandfather in front of his family. He was a professor of history that spoke out against the nazis, not to mention the genocide against my people. Sorry if I hate nazis, but it's one of the primary reasons of why I'll enjoy CoH 2 so much.

Units, cossacks. I'm calling it.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: With the risk of turning this political again, I'll just add that their opponents, the communists were doing the exact same things. Now I don't want to leave you with the impression that I'm neo-nazi, but I just like to view things objectively. Then again, I'll still enjoy launching the shit out of the Katyushas against Berlin.
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I was terrible at the original, but it was still entertaining to see my army get steam rolled, which dudes retreating on fire and complete anarchy.

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Played this at the EuroGamer expo last month I can confirm this game is awesome!

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Totally crazy no footage has been shown when so many have played it, and their whole crazy pre-order thing on steam.

The systems they're implementing sound very intriguing at the least - but they also sound like they could go real bad if not handled very carefully. Very difficult to get an image of what this game is without any sort of footage to go off of. So far it just sounds totally crazy from piecing together the information that's out there.

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Is this game still on?

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Do we have any idea on the sizes of the maps? They must be huge compared to CoH to make use of the cold weather and LOS stuff

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