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    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 24, 2007

    Opposing Fronts is a stand alone expansion to the award winning PC game Company of Heroes and includes two new factions: the British and the Panzer Elite. Each faction includes a campaign and introduces new units and abilities to both singleplayer and multiplayer.

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    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone expansion pack for Company of Heroes. It was developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ. Opposing Fronts adds two entire new armies to the game: The British and the Panzer Elite as well as two new full length campaigns, The Liberation of Caen and Operation: Market Garden - The original Company of Heroes only had one full length campaign. 

    Dynamic Environmental Effects System

    The expansion added a Dynamic Weather Effects system to the game, which consists primarily of real time weather effects and day-to-night time transitions. In addition to these enhancements, certain birds sing at various times of the day and during specific weather patterns.



    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone expansion, meaning that you don't need the original Company of Heroes to play this game, this also mean that you can't play the campaign from the first game or as the armies from that game, the American and Wehrmacht, however, you can still play multiplayer against or with these factions as either a team-mate or an enemy.

    The British 2nd Army

    The British are one of the two new factions in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. They characterize themselves by being a very defensive faction with the ability to construct emplacements, defensive structures, a defensive doctrine and lots of artillery. The aforementioned is currently a common misconception held by many players. Not only is company of heroes decidedly not a defensive game, in recent patches British emplacements received a significant Nerf.  Additionally at most the British have access to 2 kinds of artillery which is a number matched by most factions.
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    Base Building
    The British don't have the ability to construct buildings like every other faction does, instead they have a series of mobile trucks that function like unit producing buildings, this is also how they progress in tiers. 
    When a Command Truck is unpacked it can provide a bonus to the resource of the sector that it's unpacked in (if a Command Truck is unpacked in a 10 Fuel sector, it boosts that income to 16 Fuel). Any truck can have this bonus, but only one truck is allowed to have it (for example if you upgrade your Field Support Truck with secured resourcing your HQ will lose it). You can also pack a Command Truck so it becomes mobile, when it's packed, you are unable to produce units from it and gain the resource bonus. You always start with a HQ Command Truck, which can train a Lieuetenant. A Lieutenant is required in order to call in the next Command Truck, the Field Support Truck. This truck can train the Captain which is required in order to call in the last truck, the Armored Command Truck. Each truck can also be upgraded with speed governors which increase the trucks speed by 2.5 times.

    These are the trucks and the units that they each can produce:

    HQ Command Truck

     HQ Command Truck, unpacked
     HQ Command Truck, unpacked
    The British HQ Command Truck is the first building available to the British; from it, they can build the rest of their army. The British HQ truck is one of the the most unique units in the game, as it is a mobile HQ and can move anywhere around the map. Once the HQ is deployed to a territory it will increase that sector's resource output by the same amount an Observation Post.    
    You start with this truck in the start of the match.


    HQ Command Truck Units:

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    Infantry Section 
    The Backbone of the British Army.
    Infantry Sections (Tommies) are the basic infantry unit for the British, they are built from the HQ and can construct various field defenses including trenches, HMG emplacements and mortar emplacements. Tommies move very slowly in neutral and enemy territory unless a Lieutenant is nearby to provide them with a speed boost or they are upgraded to a recon section; in captured territory the Tommies will move at the same pace as normal infantry.  
    Available Upgrades 
    There are 3 available upgrades for Tommy squads.
    Recon Section
    This upgrade will allow the selected squad to move at normal speed through neutral and enemy territory, in order to ensure point capturing parity your first Tommy squad will start with the recon upgrade. At the cost of 35 munitions this is the cheapest upgrade available to your infantry. Recon Sections can also use the ability deploy marksmen which, for 25 munitions, will allow member of the squad to snipe a targeted unit.  That being said Recon Sections are decidedly worse at combat than even unupgraded Infantry Sections.

    Bren Gun
    Bren guns cost 75 munitions but they are money well spent. Not only do Bren guns chew up infantry at close range. Additionally for 25 munitions a Bren squad can button an enemy vehicle causing it to lose line of sight, move slower, and shoot less often this makes for a deadly combination with the powerful but inaccurate PIATs. All of this comes with one Caveat, the squad member using the Bren gun must be standing still. Happily for the British this can be overcome by putting the Bren squad in a Bren carrier.

    Rifle Grenades
    Rifle grenades also cost 75 munitions, and like their description implies will allow your units to more effectively negate infantry in cover. While the smoke grenade ability that they get is excellent for helping flanks when compared with the ability to button vehicles from a Bren carrier that can also drive behind whatever cover your enemy is using there's a reason why Rifle grenades are rarely used.

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    The Offensive Support Units of the British Army.
    The Lieutenant are unique to the British, they are the veterans of the British and provide bonuses to nearby infantry while also having a fuel cost and being a tech requirement to gain better units. They have the same function as a veterancy point of other factions. Getting a lieutenant to veterancy rank 3 will immediately give the British player a free command point and increase their population capacity by 4. It is important to note that while not all of the benefits given by LT's stack some do, so a semi effective counter to veteran axis infantry is a massive group of infantry and lieutenants. 
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    Bren Carrier
    The Bren Carrier is the armored transport unit for the British that can be upgraded for extra firepower. It's primary use is to transport infantry or commanders around the battlefield. While a unit is garrisoned inside a Bren also gains the ability to capture strategic points.  The Bren Carrier can, for a nominal munitions cost, self repair while temporarily losing some speed. The ability to self repair combined with the lack of reliable AT in the early game makes Bren Carriers incredibly dangerous early game. This combined with their ability to quickly and safely get slow British infantry into optimal combat range, and button vehicles makes them a must have.

    Field Support Truck

     Field Support Truck, unpacked
     Field Support Truck, unpacked
    The Field Support Truck is the Tier 2 building for the British. The Field Support Truck The Field Support Truck houses the only effective anti-vehicle/armor the British have early on. 
    A Lieuetenant is required in order to call in this truck

    Field Support Truck Units:

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    The Sapper is essentially a tier 2 construction unit for the British that allows them to construct more powerful defensive and artillery emplacements. They are also the only unit in the British army capable of repairing vehicles, making them one of the core units of a late-game British force. Along with their construction and repair abilities, Sappers are also able to be upgraded with weaponry and equipment that make them suitable for the roles of anti-tank infantry, mine clearing, and even further specializing in repairing vehicles and emplacements.
    Available Upgrades 
    The Projector Infantry Anti Tank weapon is the only infantry anti tank weapon available to the British for 75 munitions. PIAT squads can ambush when standing in cover which allows them to turn invisible until they attack. Because PIATs arc they are capable of attacking units over low walls and hedges, and hit tanks that they are facing in the rear. However because of their long arc and travel time they have a hard time hitting units that are moving quickly, which is where button comes in handy. Additionally due to an issue that PIAT projectile types currently face PIAT rounds that are fired roll along the ground until they explode on contact with a target. Which has the maddening habit of causing PIAT squads picking up a kill or two against dedicated anti-infantry squads.
    Disposal and Detection Section
    For 50 munitions this squad can detect and remove mines, as well as plant explosives to blow up bridges or buildings in much the same way as the American Engineer.
    Expert Engineers
    For 75 munitions Sappers with this upgrade can repair faster and over repair any vehicle giving the vehicle health boost that degrades over time. In previous patches due to the strength of over repair Expert Engineers was a popular upgrade, however now that the health boost degrades relatively quickly the AT offered by PIATs is a much more popular choice.

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    The Defensive Support Units of the British Army.
    Captain a defensive officer which can boost the health of emplacements and infantry units in the same sector, the Captain may also act as a retreat point instead of the standard HQ. 
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    Stuart Light Tank 
    The Stuart Light Tank is designed specifically for the role of dealing with enemy light vehicles. Its speed and armor make it fast and impervious to most damage dealt by light vehicles and its gun is capable of devastating enemy light tanks, although it is not as effective against enemy infantry. Like other light tanks, It is also not reliable against heavier vehicles, due to it's thinner armor and smaller gun.  
    The Stuart can also use the delightfully random Canister shot against light infantry. Sometimes this shot will do minimal damage, while other times it will eliminate entire veteran squads.

    Armored Command Truck

     Armored Command Truck, packed
     Armored Command Truck, packed
    This truck is the Tier 3 unit production building for the British. It allows them to deploy Heavy Armor. 

    A Captain is required in order to call in this truck.

    Armored Command Truck Units:

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    The Cromwell is the main all-around battle tank for the British, it's reasonably armored for a tank and has average damage against infantry, vehicles, and enemy armor alike, making them great multi-purpose tanks. Able to engage both armor and infantry in combat situations, Cromwells have the added benefit of being slightly cheaper than the American Sherman and Wehrmacht Panzer 4's. Cromwells can use their Flank Speed ability to circle enemy tanks or run over enemy infantry units in mass.
    Cromwell Command Tank  
    The Cromwell Command Tank will provide a veterancy bonuses to all nearby tanks within it's command radius, which increases their effectiveness in combat. The command tank also has medium crush. 
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    Sherman Firefly 
    The Sherman Firefly is the best British Anti-Tank armor in the game. It's main gun is similar to the German Panther with massive range, great frontal penetration value and high damage output. The Firefly can be used in combination with a command tank to not only increase their sight range, but firing range as well. This gives them a great advantage as they can shoot much further than enemy tanks and get off one or two shots before they are even in the opposing tank's firing range. With the firefly's high frontal armor penetration, it can easily take enemy tanks head-on. However, although the tank is not as effective against enemy infantry units. 


    British Structures

    British Structures

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    Slit Trench

    An infantry section can dig in making the squad almost impervious to incoming fire, whether it is artillery, tank shells or small arms fire. Units inside trenches are still vulnerable to flamethrowers and grenades. In fact they take increased damage while inside, when combined with the bonus damage Infantry Sections take due to their armour_soldier type makes for a disastrous result. It's important to note that british have no non doctrinal way to remove enemies from their trench. Which is why any Brit worth his salt taps delete twice to destroy the trench before abandoning it.

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    HMG Emplacement

    The HMG emplacement is the only available MG to the British early on. The British do not have a mobile MG; instead, they can build an HMG emplacement. The HMG emplacement is great for setting up near enemy strategic points, cutting them off from map resources. Since Tommy squads can make this HMG emplacement, it can be placed offensively as well as defensively depending on the flow of the game.

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    The Mortar Emplacement

    Every other army in Company of Heroes has access to mobile mortar units early in the game, but the British again are limited to having a "building" as their mortar. However, the British mortar has distinct differences in that it is much more resistant to enemy mortar fire and not nearly as vulnerable to small arms fire, making it very useful to lock down an area from almost all infantry attack.

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    Bofors 40mm Cannon 

    The Bofors is an emplacement designed for both the role of anti-vehicle and anti-air. However, due to the angle of the gun, it is not effective against enemy infantry.  Also given the relatively weak gun the weapon is only effective at taking on light vehicles. Which, it should be noted, it does an amazing job at doing.

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    17 Pounder Anti Tank Emplacement

    The 17 Pounder AT Gun, although quite possibly the most fearsome AT Gun in the game,  is only limited by the fact that it is a stationary weapon. The weapon has a range about 2cm shorter than a Marder III and is the stationary equivalent of Sherman Firefly, the gun can also traverse 360* but it is unable to shoot (and is rather slow) while turning.

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    25 Pounder Artillery Battery

    The 25 Pounder is the hallmark artillery piece of the British Army. It can fire over long distances making it ideal for softening up the resistance, or likewise bombarding attackers and forcing them to retreat. This emplacement becomes even more powerful through the Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment, giving it access to various abilities and strategic options such as the powerful Creeping Barrage. 

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    Casualty Clearing Station

    This clearing station is unique to the British as in not only does it retrieve injured units and bring them back to the station like the Wehrmacht Medic Bunker, but it also has a healing radius just like the American Triage Center. This healing is only activated for a short period following a small expenditure of munitions.

    British Doctrines

    Royal Artillery Support

    The best artillery commander in all of Company of Heroes, lay down devastating creeping barrages from priests, 25 pounders or howitzer bombardments from any British officer. Royal Canadian Artillery focuses on improving every artillery unit available to the Brits, supercharged rounds will increase the distance that all artillery units, even mortar pits can fire, while abilities like counter barrage make sure that enemy artillery won't be able to fight back without being pummeled to death.

    Forward Observation Officers

    • 2 Commands Points
    • 150 Munitions

    This ability allows officers such as lieutenants and captains to call in artillery on a section of the map that's not covered by the fog of war. The artillery is full of destruction and can lay waste to a lot of infantry bunched up together. Alternatively you can use the barrage and cancel it quickly to make the flares fall and make enemy infantry retreat, without losing any munitions. Forward Observation Officers also gives the command tank the ability to lay a creeping smoke barrage for 50 munitions, this can almost instantly conceal a large group of friendly tanks in smoke, protecting them from getting hit while making an assault, or allowing them to retreat unharmed. More importantly while most artillery takes 1.75 seconds to drop the first part of the officer barrage drops near instantly suppressing the infantry forcing either a retreat or massive casualties.


    Supercharged Rounds

    • 2 Command Points

    This ability allows the 25 pounder and mortar emplacements to fire much further than they normally would, it almost doubles the range of both artillery emplacements. The Priest 105mm is also affected by this ability, allowing it to fire much further than it normally would. Supercharged rounds is the most crucial ability for an Artillery Commander to obtain, if an early 25 pounder or mortar emplacement is built, it will allow these units to fire much further than usual. An early mortar can be built near a Headquarters and still be able to reach the front lines most of the time and it's the same case with the 25 pounder later on.


    Creeping Barrage

    • 2 Command Points
    • 150 Munitions

    This ability costs 150 munitions and requires the player to at least have a 25 pounder or 105mm Priest to fire and once used, will put the artillery unit's standard fire ability on cooldown. It's a considerable price to pay but the potential destruction and large amount of manpower taken away from the enemy once a creeping barrage is used can be more than worth it.


    Overwatch Artillery

    • 2 Command Points

    Any artillery unit can be set to use overwatch Artillery, it will then automatically fire at any units that enter the overwatch area, this is great for covering victory points at late-game stages or simply covering a high resource point when an enemy unit attempts to capture it.

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    Priest 105mm Howitzer

    • 3 Command Points
    • 625 Manpower

    The Priest 105mm is the only mobile artillery piece available to the British and can quickly redeploy from the back of the field to the front lines for more accurate artillery fire, and then back again to safety, it can deal around 40% more damage and can redeploy to safety if a base is overrun, unlike the howitzer which is a building.


    Counter Battery

    • 3 Command Points

    Counter Battery is the ultimate artillery-destroyer, any artillery unit available to the British can be toggled to activate counter battery and while the ability is active the unit will instantly fire back at any enemy artillery that has fired on the map. This ability is excellent for taking out pesky mortar teams, Nebelwerfers or mortar halftracks, the mighty 25 pounder and Priest can even fire back at enemy Hummels.                                                 


    Royal Commandos Support

    Glider's fly from the skies and onto the battlefield providing powerful units and offensive reinforcement positions, powerful artillery and recon intelligence abilities help to confuse the enemy and allow the British commander to prepare for any combat situation long before the enemy is seen. Royal commandos support is by far the most offensive Commander of the three choices and as such is one of the most popular. Combined with the defensive natures of the British, Commandos support allows the British to strike fast, hard and hit the enemy where it hurts.
    Coup de MainIntelligence

    Glider-Borne Commandos

    Commandos are the most expensive infantry unit to buy in the whole game. With the ability to be deployed anywhere on the battlefield and have the glider they came down in provide reinforcements, Commandos can change the outcome of any battle at the snap of a finger. They're armed with weapons that are excellent at dealing damage close-up and have enough armor to close that distance easily. 

    Radio Triangulation Detection
    • 1 Command Point

    This ability allows a Commandos player to keep track of enemy units on the minimap even while they're in the fog of war. Any British infantry unit can build a detector and once all 3 detectors are built, any enemy unit within the triangle will be viewable on the minimap making ability great for anticipating where the enemy will strike next. Make sure the detectors are spread out and very far away from each other even in enemy territory.                                                                         


    Tetrach Tank
    • 2 Command Points
    • 450 Manpower

    The Tetrarch can be instantly deployed to any location on the battlefield, it wields an accurate gun which is excellent at destroying enemy vehicles and is even capable of flanking and damage enemy tanks from the rear, the weapon can even be upgraded for better penetration. The Tetrarch fills a very limited purpose on the battlefield, it's average against infantry and good against vehicles but comes pretty late in the game at 5 Command Points and costing 450 Manpower, use the Tetrarch if you're desperate for ant-tank firepower or need to quickly dispose of a halftrack or light vehicle away from the main battle.

    Ultra Decryption
    • 1 Command Point

    One of the most useful abilities for finding out what units and strategy your opponent is doing ingame, this ability will let you know when an enemy unit is produced and what unit it is, what upgrades are bought, or building that have been finished. It allows any British player to be prepared for whatever comes next for the rest of the game, and at a cheap price of 1 CP.

    Glider HQ
    • 2 Command Points
    • 340 Manpower

    The Glider Headquarters, capable of producing commando teams specialized in anti-infantry and anti-tank combat for a cheap price. This is the most expensive building in the game and should be deployed with care as it's very weak, the units that come from it are very cheap and have high survivability in combat, which will eventually make up the initial manpower cost of this buildings.
    You can train a HMG Commando team, PIAT Commando team and a Mortar Commando team from this Glider HQ.
    Decoy Artillery
    • 2 Command Points
    • 125 Munitions

    This ability is split up into 2  types of artillery, the first will lay a short but extremely powerful artillery barrage that covers a small area and for a very cheap cost, it's great for destroying complete squads that are capturing a strategic point while your enemy isn't looking.  The second artillery is completely fake, flares will come down as if the artillery is about to land on enemy units, but nothing will happen.


    Royal Engineers Support

    Down the right hand side of Royal Engineers are powerful tank call-ins, the main tank is the Churchill infantry tank which has a turret mounted main gun backed up with heavy armor. The 2 other tanks available are both hybrid's of the first one, the Churchill AVRE has a mounted gun that can fire devastating mortar rounds while the final tank is a Churchill with a flamethrower mounted on it. Down the left hand side is an ability to improve emplacements, make tanks much harder to destroy in combat and an ability that improves command vehicles to produce a larger amount of resources and decrease production times.
    Field ImprovementsTank Support

    Improved Emplacements

    • 2 Command Points
     This ability does exactly what it says on the tin, it improves all British emplacements so that they receive 25% less damage from all enemy units, all emplacements will also receive a 50% boost to their maximum amount of health. This ability is great to use if a British player is going to make a lot of emplacements such as a mortar pit, Bofors or 17 pounder AT gun emplacement. Use this ability in combo with the defensive bonus that the British captain provides, and emplacements will be extremely hard for any unit to destroy.                                                         

    No Caption Provided


    • 3 Command Points
    • 600 Manpower

    The first tank available to the royal engineers commander only costs 3 command points and is a valuable asset to any British player's early to mid-game fighting force. The great thing about this tank is not only does it do good damage to infantry and vehicles alike, it has a large amount of frontal armor and hit points making it one of the toughest tanks around until late-game situations, The Churchill comes with the 'Tank Shock' ability which suppresses targeted infantry nearby, it's useful for either assaulting enemy infantry or retreating out of danger since the shock effect happens almost instantly.


    Hull Down

    • 2 Command Points
    This gives all British tanks the ability to 'hull down', which makes them more resilient to all kinds of damage. Hull down takes hardly any time for a tank to activate and once it is active the unit will receive 25% less damage and 25% less penetration making it much more tougher in all combat situations. However while in hull down mode, the unit will not be able to move at all until the ability has been deactivated, so use it wisely. 

    Churchill AVRE

    • 2 Command Point
    • 600 Manpower

    The AVRE is a unique artillery piece that instead of having a regular mounted gun, it has an ability that fires a large mortar round for a cost of 35 munitions each use. When fired it does a massive amount of damage to any unit within the area, great for using against blobs of infantry.


    Improved Command Vehicles

    • 2 Command Points

    This ability simply increases the amount of resource produced from sectors that have command vehicles on, it's a great way to boost munitions income for special late-game abilities especially in team games. It also improves the production speed of all units by 25%.


    Churchill Crocodile

    • 2 Command Points
    • 800 Manpower

    The Churchill crocodile tank is like a beefed up version of the original Churchill, it has more hitpoints and added to the front of the tank is a new flamethrower. The flamethrower does some great damage to infantry but what really makes it shine is it's massive range, it's able to throw out flames almost as far as the regular gun can shoot which is great for staying well out of trouble while burning enemy infantry, The downside to the flamethrower is it can only be used from the front of the tank


    The German Panzer Elite

    The Panzer Elite have among the most mobile units in the game.  All weapons crews that would normally have a separate infantry crew is now in vehicle form.  For example, while the Americans have an MG team, a mortar team, and an AT gun, the Panzer Elite have an infantry halftrack with a mounted machine gun, a mortar halftrack, and a Marder III, with a mounted AT gun.  They supplement this idea of 'mobility' by lacking a specialist for each field, sacrificing different types of infantry for a base unit called the 'Panzer Grenadier,' which can be specialized to serve as long range anti infantry (G43), close range anti infantry (MP44), or Anti-Tank (Panzerschrek).  Adding to this mobility is the fact that all Panzer Grenadiers can repair vehicles, which allows the Panzer Elite to keep on the offensive and not have to fall back to repair.

    The doctrine choices of the Panzer Elite are Scorched Earth, Luftwaffe and Tank Hunters.  The Scorched Earth doctrine allows the player to construct environmental defenses which can be used to block roads and also lay booby traps on buildings and strategic points.  The Luftwaffe doctrine allows players to construct specialized defenses such as Flakvierling and Flak 88s as well as Wirbelwind anti-aircraft vehicles.  The Tank Hunter doctrine can allow infantry to deploy with more Panzerschreks and anti-tank grenades as well as the ability to deploy the fearsome Jagdpanther or "Hunting Panther".     


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    Panzer Grenadiers
    Panzer Grenadiers are the main infantry unit in the Panzer Elite army, equipped with a Kar98k rifle. They are a highly versatile infantry, not only capable of fighting the enemy, but also Panzer Elite's only unit capable of constructing buildings and repair. You can upgrade these units with either a Gewehr 43 rifle, MP44 or a Panzerschreck.
    You can also train some different variants of this unit in other structures which come with another set of weapons: Assault Grenadier Heavy Infantry wields MP44s, and Tank Buster Heavy Infantry wields Panzerschrecks.


    No Caption Provided
    This nimble halftrack vehicle serves some of the most important functions of the Panzer Elite army. It's one of the first two units that can be deployed from the HQ. It is mainly used to capture strategic points and scout with. It is extremely effective to capture strategic points, while your more combat-friendly units focuses on the combat.
    The Kettenkrad gains different benefits based upon which command tree, or doctrine, the player chooses. The different benefits can be seen below:
    • Scorched Earth Tactics: Booby trap strategic point.
    • Luftwaffe Tactics: Camouflage.
    • Tank Destroyer Tactics: Advanced Repair.

    Scout Car
    The Scout Car serves as a reconnaissance and logistic duty. The Scout Car is also the cheapest armoured fighting vehicle of the Panzer Elite army. It can capture a strategic point without special upgrade and secure a sector with an upgrade, also giving the given sector a resource boosts. 

    Funkwagen 'Vampire' Halftrack
    A halftrack that can steal resources.

    Munitions Halftrack
    A halftrack that removes cooldown on nearby units abilities.

    No Caption Provided
    Infantry Halftrack
    This halftrack serves as a armored transport for infantry. You can also reinforce squads close to the Infantry Halftrack
    No Caption Provided
    Mortar Halftrack
    A mobile mortar emplacement.
    No Caption Provided
    Light AT Halftrack 
    A Light AT gun on top of a halftrack.

    No Caption Provided
    Armored Car 
    A quite deadly armored car against infantry and other light vehicles, equipped with a cannon.

    No Caption Provided
    Marder III
    The Marder III is a German tank destroyer, it is a turretless tank with weak armor, a deadly cannon and range. You can activate its Lock Down ability at the cost of its mobility, giving it even more range and double the fire rate.
    Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank
    Armed with the short, low velocity cannon and a MG42 light machine gun on the chassis, the Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank is also known as the "Stubby" for its short cannon. It may not have the armor penetrating capabilities of the standard Panzer IV, the low velocity gun that fires the HE(High Explosive) round is designed kill multiple infantry units with a single shot.

    No Caption Provided
    The 75mm KwK 42 cannon equipped on the Panther will destroy allied armor without flinching. The Panther is a lumbering hulk of tank-killing machinery and not even the Pershing can reliably deal with it. Luckily for the Allies, the Panther's total devotion to anti-tank weaponry makes it an easy target for infantry if they can get around it with strong enough AT guns, also the side armor is very thin, and is therefore very vulnerable to flanking attacks. This flaw in the Panther's design is exacerbated by its slow turning speed and acceleration. If a Panther gets stuck, Allied forces would be wise to take as many potshots as possible before it can turn its steel era death ray back towards them. 
    No Caption Provided
    Bergetiger Repair and Recovery Vehicle
    The Bergetiger is a heavily modified version of the Tiger tank, it has a crane instead of a gun and is able to "resurrect" already destroyed vehicles back to functionallity.
    The Bergetiger can recover both ally and axis vehicles, but the vehicles remain in control of their original user. This means that recovering an allied vehicle is not a good idea! 

    Defensive Emplacements

    No Caption Provided
    Flakvierling 38  
    The Flakvierling provides excellent base defense, being able to cover both air and ground forces with its devastating quad flak cannons.
    No Caption Provided
    88mm Flak 36 
    The fearsome 88mm Flak can target and destroy aircraft and heavy armor.

    Panzer Elite Doctrines

    Scorched Earth Tactics

    Area Denial
    Scorched Earth
    Booby Trap Building
    • 1 Command Point 
    Panzer Elite infantry can be ordered to plant deadly booby traps inside any building on the map. Enemy infantry entering the building will suffer extreme consequences.

    • 1 Command Point
    Massive roadblocks can be built that cannot be crushed by any unit, forcing the enemy to direct combat resourced to destroy the barricade.                           

    Booby Trap Strategic Point
    • 1 Command Point
    Panzer Elite infantry can be ordered to booby trap any strategic point on the map. Booby traps are triggered by enemy units attempting to capture the point.

    Scorched Earth
    • 3 Command Points
    Following the ancient doctrine of scorched earth, Strategic Points can be disabled, denying their use to the enemy.

    Sector Artillery
    • 3 Command Points
    A selected sector is monitored for enemy activity. When enemy units are detected, the area is saturated with artillery until that enemy activity ceases

    No Caption Provided
    Hummel Self-Propelled Artillery
    • 3 Command Points
    A Hummel Self-Propelled 150mm howitzer can devastate large swaths of ground at long range with its massive shells.


    Luftwaffe Tactics

    Air Power
    Air Defense
    Fallschirmjager Infiltration
    • 3 Command Points
    Fallschirmjager squads can be ordered to reveal themselves from pre-infiltrated hiding locations in buildings. Fallschirmjager squads camouflage automatically when in heavy cover.                                 

    Luftwaffe Ground Forces
    • 1 Command Point
    Luftwaffe ground forces are adequate soldiers who can construct light defenses and, more importantly, the devastating AA weapons, Falkviervling Quad 20mm Cannon and the Flak 36 88mm Cannon.

    Butterfly Bombs
    • 1 Command Point

    Low flying aircraft can drop fields of SD-2 Butterfly Bombs to disrupt the movement of enemy infantry and light vehicles. 

    No Caption Provided
    Wirbelwind Flakpanzer 
    • 3 Command Points
    Order a dangerous Wirbelwind Flakpanzer that can provide mobile AA coverage, or engage enemy infantry and light vehicles.

    Henschel Combat Air Patrol
    • 3 Command Points
    Henschel Hs. 129 ground attack aircraft will provide tactical air-cover with their powerful 75mm cannons. The aircraft will monitor targeted locations for enemy vehicles or tanks, and strike when movement is detected.

    Flak 36 88mm Cannon 
    • 2 Command Points
    Luftwaffe Ground Forces are able to construct the fearsome 88mm Flak 38, a dual role weapon capable of targeting both air and ground units at long ranges. 


    Tank Destroyer Tactics

    Tank Hunter
    Tank Destroyer
    Teller Mines
    • 1 Command Point
    Panzer Elite infantry can deploy Teller Mines. These weapons require great mass to trigger, meaning only vehicles will cause the mine to explode.

    Tank Awareness
    • 1 Command Point
    Panzer Elite infantry use their improved battlefield skills to detect enemy tanks at ranges beyond which they can see.

    No Caption Provided
    Hetzer Tank
    • 3 Command Points
    A Hetzer Tank Hunter is available for reinforcement. These maneuverable tanks have thick sloping armor, and they small size means they are easily camouflages.

    APCR Rounds
    • 3 Command Points
    AT guns and main tank guns are issued the more powerfull APCR (Armor Piercing Composite Rigid) Panzergranate 40 ammunition that will improve armor penetration. 

    Double Infantry AT Efforts
    • 3 Command Points
    Panzerschreck upgrades now provide two Panzerschrecks, and AT grenade abilities now throw two AT grenades.

    No Caption Provided
    Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer
    • 4 Command Points
    A  very rare and powerful Jagdpanther is allocated once to each commander. Extremely well armed and armored, the Jagdpanther is capable of tackling all enemy units.


    System Requirments


    • Supported OS: Windows® XP or Vista.
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent. SSE capable processor required.
    • Memory: 512MB RAM; Vista users require 1GB of RAM to play the game
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card
    • Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse
    • Hard Drive: 9GB of uncompressed free hard drive space


    • Processor: 3.0Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or better

    Required for Multiplayer:

    • RAM: 1GB RAM required for Multiplayer and Skirmish
    • Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported.
    • 1 game license per computer.


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