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The Compton is a common car in both Saints Row, and Saints Row 2. It is driven by civilians, members of the 3rd Street Saints, and the Vice Kings. The design for the car is clearly influenced by that of the 1960's Chevrolet Impala, as it copies many of the design cues such as the headlamps and side profile. In both Saints Row games, the Compton appears in several different styles: a beater, a standard car, and a gang car. All three styles remain the same except for visually, and they can be modified. The beater style version of the car is normally a dull paint color, and appears to have corroded and rusted around the side panels. These versions generally don't have rims to speak of, and are common around the poorer areas of Stilwater, such as the Barrio district.
The standard version of the car is driven by civilians, and is of no real note. It can be found anywhere around the city should you look for it. Generally the standard Comptons have normal rims, and a one or two tone paintjob. They can be heavily customized as well, and can look extremely different, with such things as gold trim, unique rims, and many different tones of paint. Gang
 Yellow Compton, possibly a Vice Kings gang car.
 Yellow Compton, possibly a Vice Kings gang car.
cars are driven only by gangs that use the Compton as a car. One of these gangs is the Vice Kings, who drive yellow versions of the car (reflecting their gang color), and generally have a vinyl design on the hood. Should you decide to use the Compton as a gang car in Saints Row 2, it will be purple and have randomly selected modifications. 
On top of these three variants, the Compton can spawn with either a hard top or no roof at all, so there are at a minimum of six different styles of Compton car that can be spawned.


While the performance of the Compton is not lacklustre, it is not of extreme note. It does what it is intended to do, and does nothing more. The only real perk of the Compton is that the handling is surprisingly sharp considering the body style of the car. Comptons do not take an extreme amount of damage and on occasion can be blown up in a direct impact with a truck or train.


  • The name Compton likely refers to the rap group 'Compton's Most Wanted', who appear to have used a Chevy Impala car in the album artwork for their album Music to Driveby.
  • The car on the bottom of Saints Row 2's box art is a yellow Compton, like that of the Vice Kings.

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