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ComuNet, Inc. was a California based company established in October 2000 by Kazuhiko Sugiyama [4]. The company advertised itself as a seller and producer of interactive DVD games but only remained in business for a few years before it was suspended by the California Franchise Tax Board sometime in 2003 [6].

ComuNet's website listed four titles in their catalog. All of the games were interactive DVD versions of Japanese visual novels, most of which were developed by Nitroplus. These include:

  1. Phantom of Inferno
  2. Vjedogonia
  3. No Reality
  4. Hello World

Phantom of Inferno is the only known title out of the four to make it to market. According to some sources, ComuNet released Inferno sometime around 2001 although it is not completely clear if this is true [5]. There are versions of Phantom of Inferno that feature ComuNet's logo on the box art and ingame but Hirameki International Group is credited as the publisher on the back of the box. According to Hirameki's old online store, Phantom of Inferno was initially released on May 24, 2002 but a Hirameki representative has stated in an interview that they didn't publish the game until 2003 [7][8]. Many of ComuNet's advertisements for Phantom of Inferno also feature the "AnimePlay" brand name which was also used by Hirameki. So the brand name was either Hirameki's to begin with or they somehow obtained it from ComuNet after they ran out of businesses.

External Links

  1. Official Website
  2. Interactive DVD Summary
  3. DVD Catalog
  4. Company Information
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