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    Con Smith

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    Extremely agile and the youngest member of the Killer7, Con Smith is blind but makes up for it with his superhuman sense of hearing. Has a strong hatred for Dan Smith.

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    Con Smith is the youngest member of the Smith Syndicate, being only 14-year-old. He is voiced by Jun Hee Lee.
    Of Chinese descent, Con was murdered by Emir Parkreiner at the Union Hotel in 1955 during the Killer7 incident and was later reincarnated by Harman Smith. Born  blind, Con has hypersensitive hearing and is able to perfectly make out his surroundings and suffers no handicaps when it comes to battle. He also has an upbeat personality, which he displays by whistling when he's in a good mood. Con is very attached to Coyote Smith, but strongly dislikes Dan Smith.
    Con's speed is his greatest asset and he boasts the ability to cover long distances in seconds when his power is activated. Being only 4'6", he is also the shortest of the Smiths and is able to gain access to areas other personae are unable to. His weapons of choice are a pair of  Glock 18's which he wields akimbo, and reloads rapidly by bouncing magazines off his heels. 

    Con's Quotes  

    Select Screen:

    • "La~ter! Peace."
    • "Okay then!"
    • [laughs]


    • "Fuck you!"
    • "Later!"
    • "That's what I thought!"
    • "Dangerous..."  


    • Con was killed in room #203 in the Union Hotel.
    • He is also a fan of the Handsome Men.    

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