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very good but sometimes seems lost in what it wants to be

The first 6 hours of this game is really good: a first-person adventure game where you solve puzzles and explore interesting and beautifully-designed locations. It's in the same category as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Observer, Soma and similar. However, the game is later hurt by an out-of-place chase sequence, that doesn't suit the nature of the game at all, what 98% of the game was prior to this. It feels added just for the sake of it, beacuse it's what "every other Indie horror game is supposed to do". They should have just focused on the core experience, as you don't buy a game like this for chase scenes and jump scares. You buy it for an immersive detective-game experience. As a whole the game is very good, the standout features are environmental designs which are really interesting to immerse yourself in if you are a fan of Lovecraft's books, it becomes especially awesome towards the end. If you enjoyed the before-mentioned titles, Conarium is certainly worth playing.

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