Concrete Genie is actually really nice, like a nostalgic throwback to the Journey era of Sony titles

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I finished Concrete Genie over the weekend, was about 6 or so hours long I'd guess. I really enjoyed it overall, the basic structure of the game is quite rewarding and the central mechanic is charming. The story is pretty simple and predictable but I enjoyed just sitting and playing it a lot. Getting creative with the drawings and getting to know the town a bit. There's some missteps with elements which are too gamey - introducing certain mechanics which are unecessary and don't add anything except frustration - but it was forgivable.

It made me oddly nostalgic for that post-Journey PS3 and Vita era, where Sony and studios were putting out short, personal narrative games with interesting mechanics - things like Tearaway and Rain. The aesthetic, the animation, the game concept - it was like going back in time to 2012.

If anyone has any questions I'll do my best to reply. I didn't try the VR mode because I don't have 2 move wands. It seems like a separate mode altogether though, not the main story.

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