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A brutal, terrifying and twisted tale by the creators of F.E.A.R

Condemned 2 is truly a dark and disturbing tale that is worthy of Monoliths other creations. The game's main character is Ethan Thomas. Some time after the events after Condemned 1, he has become a raging alchoholic. Sort of an anti-hero but more depressing, in a good way.

The game's plot revolves around a mystery of why specfic people are being killed and studied by a serial killer known as SKX and how Ethan is related to these people. To not give away many spoilers the plot is pretty good and has some obviously forshadowed plot twists. It really takes shape in the latter half of the game.

The combat is interesting. It revolves around mostly melee combat with the occasional gunfight. The focus on melee has opened up the options for Ethan to use all sorts and varietes of weapons ranging from an electrical conduit, to a bowling pin, to moose antlers, ect. The combat is surprisingly deep and offers a selection of intense button combos and brutal finishers. That said, you cannot get through the game by mashing the attack button, even on the easiest difficulty. It should be noted that the gunplay can get particularly intense and satisfying. There is one level in particular in which you have a gun most of the time and is so much fun. It leaves you wanting more.

The main focus of this game though, is the horror. The game is probably the best example to date of a game which can truly make you cringe in fear. There are spook moments, popping enemies, eerie atmospheres and psychological thrills. Towards the end of the game however, the creepy and mind bending horror in the game becomes more uninspired and lacking in creativity. To be percise the scariness is replaced by generic science fiction.

After beting the game, I felt satisfied, but not willing to play it again, mainly because replaying the game would take away the suspense. There is a multiplayer, but it mostly feels to loose despite some creative gameplay modes. All in all, Condmned 2 is a great game that should be played by anyone who is willing to sacrifice some of their dignity and sanity (provided it is played in the dark) and will leave action horror fans with a memorable experience.

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