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    Conker: Live & Reloaded

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 21, 2005

    A remake of the N64 platform game Conker's Bad Fur Day with improved graphics and a new online multiplayer.

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    Conker Live and Reloaded is an Xbox remake of the hilarious platform adventure Conker's Bad Fur Day on the Nintendo 64. Live and Reloaded presented improved graphics, online multiplayer and a few easter eggs for people who had already played the Nintendo 64 version. While the game is "backward compatible" with the Xbox 360, the emulation is poor and suffers from many technical errors.

    Single Player

    Conker: Live and Reloaded plays exactly like the original with a few minor changes. The graphics were of course heavily upgraded and at the time it was the most graphically advanced Xbox game. The first half of the game plays like a standard platformer. Players move from area to area collecting cash for doing deeds. Players will also come across objects called " Context Sensitive Pads" where they push the B button to perform an action. These ranged from Conker pulling out a slingshot to kill dung beetles, using T.N.T. to destroy a boulder blocking their way, etc. This design choice was made so players would not have to keep track of items and thus did not have any inventory system to speak of.

    About half way though the game turns into a third-person shooter. The player move's linearly through the levels killing anyone and anything in their path.


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    All the multiplayer from the original was omitted in favor of a class based multiplayer featuring the SHC and the Tediz, with both WWII themed maps and futuristic themed maps. Each map has a mission based mode such as capture the flag, however a standard deathmatch can be played on all maps as well. The levels serve as prequels and sequels to Bad Fur Day. There are 6 classes, each with default weapons and weapons obtainable by picking up a big yellow ball with a U on it, U standing for upgrade, which are found in predetermined spots in the map or over the corpse of someone who had one. Additionally, some classes have unique vehicles they can summon in certain maps, a trait the "Sky Jockey" in particular is distinguishable for.

    The game features Xbox Live functionality for online play. Unlike other Live enabled titles, the online features could actually be played without subscribing to Xbox Live. Because Microsoft has discontinued Xbox Live functionality for all original Xbox titles, this game can no longer be played through the service.

    It is still possible to utilize system link for up to eight consoles with one player per console.


    • Grunts: Standard Class, gain a grenade gun that's easy to spam with an Upgrade.
    • Thermophiles: Fire Based Class, flamethrower comes standard.
    • Demolisher: Heavy Duty Class, missile comes standard, Mini gun gained with Upgrade.
    • Sneaker: Speedy class with a few disguise abilities and instant kill moves.
    • Long Ranger: Sniping class with no close range combat ability.
    • Sky Jockey: Class with a poor load out, but has access aerial vehicles.

    Past Maps

    Future Maps

    • Three Towers
    • A Bridge Too Narrow
    • Doon
    • T.M.S. Spamono
    • Ditch

    Changes from the Original

    • In the "It's War" chapter Conker dual wields sub machine guns in Bad Fur Day, in the remake he only wields one.
    • Conker no longer wears gloves and is also outfitted with a pair of shorts when he didn't wear them in the original.
    • Conker uses a frying pan as a melee weapon in B.F.D. In the remake he instead uses a baseball bat.
    • There are now additional enemies at certain points during the game that can be defeated by using the baseball bat.
    • The Tediz look is redesigned.
    • The cheats screen was removed.
    • Conker would spin when he jumped in mid air in the original, he no longer does this.
    • Many curse words that were uncensored in the original are now censored in the remake.
    • In the "It's War" chapter Conker is outfitted with full army gear when he only wore a helmet in the original.
    • In the "Spooky" chapter Conker is made to look like Van Helsing when in the original his appearance was unchanged.
    • The entire opening to "Spooky" chapter is now inside a small town, the water is blood, and instead of swimming into a hole, players swim into a vampire's mouth.
    • The entire control scheme was changed to feel more like a First Person Shooter.
    • The multiplayer is completely different.

    Pre-Order Demo Disc

    Before the game's release, participating retailers offered a demo disc with preview footage of the game along with a playable demo and other features.

    Featured Demos

    Game Trailers

    The demo briefly features the frying pan. It operates similarly to how it did in the original version of Bad Fur Day.
    The demo briefly features the frying pan. It operates similarly to how it did in the original version of Bad Fur Day.

    The demo included offers a brief playthrough of the "It's War" chapter that begins from the Assault scene and ends after the Casualty Dept. scene. There are actually a few differences in controls and mechanics that were changed before the final game's release. Before Conker is armed with the sub machine gun, Conker's uses his frying pan as a melee weapon similar to how it worked in the original Bad Fur Day game. Camera distances could not be changed by pressing down on the right thumbstick. Finally during the electrocution cutscene, Conker is seen reading a different magazine featuring Master Chief and the Killer Instinct logo.


    1. Conker the King
    2. Came and Conkered
    3. Undead
    4. Surf Punks
    5. Sad Bees Bad Bees
    6. Rock Solid Transfusion MIx
    7. Poo
    8. The Old Chap
    9. Sloprano (Edited(Uncensored Version is available on Rare's website as a free download))
    10. Bats
    11. War
    12. Beardy Erm, Birdy
    13. Beach Dead
    14. The Ditch
    15. Live
    16. Three Towers
    17. Doon
    18. A Bridge Too Narrow
    19. Castle Von Tedistein
    20. Dis-Moi Donc Que Tu Es a Moi (So Tell Me Then That You Are Mine)
    21. Windy

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