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If Conkers other bad fur day comes out it should be like this. The single-player would revolve out of escaping the dungeon right? Well, the guards would be on alert for conker and you'd have to stay low. I was thinking it could become more on the RPG side of things. You could stay like the greedy conker or change your ways and become good again (Conker pocket tales), or become worse. This makes sense because Conker would realize his mistakes because Berry died. Now instead of staying in the Fairy Panther Kingdom, Conker could roam into far away lands, or stay in the Kingdom. Conker, could do a variety of things, he could lead the squirrels to victory, he could beg Von Kriplespac for forgiveness, if he stayed the same he would be allowed, if he became good or very bad he wouldn't be accepted. He could betray Von Kriplespac and take control of the tediz while wearing a disguise, he could betray the Tediz. He could make the SHC evil, he could even explore the galaxy and become a Mass Effect parody! THE LIST GOES ON AND ON, IT COULD REALLY WORK!

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