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Games From the Grave: Conker’s Bad Fur Day 0

Conker's Bad Fur Day is a traditional platformer with a strong cartoon influence, much like Banjo Kazooie, Chameleon Twist, Glover and dozens of others for the N64. What separates Conker from the rest, however, is that Conker is an adult game. A very adult game. The humor found in this game definitely borders what some people might consider “tasteless” “woeful” or even “vile.” That said, I thoroughly enjoy this game. The humor, the characters, the situations, they're all wonderful. Our protago...

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The king of the N64-era platformers. 0

Conker the Squirrel is not your average friendly red squirrel that would be featured in a variety Nintendo games. He’s an alcoholic, sex-crazed, greedy squirrel that only wishes to get home after a hangover. His adventure didn’t start out this way. Originally, Conker’s tale was going to be played out as a Banjo-Kazooie kid’s game. Instead of making another game with just a cute little fuzzy animal, Chris Seavor had other plans. He turned the rodent 21 and turned him into the complete opposite of...

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The Fast & the Furriest 0

Definitely the most bizarre of Rare's N64 outings, this is one of this games that goes down in legend and needs to be seen to be believed. Gamers who've played it love it, and those who haven't played it have at least heard it spoken about in reverence. It was one of the first games to really eschew younger gamers in favor of some seriously hard-boiled adult themes, including (but not limited to) death, nudity, sex, money, greed, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, spouse abuse, infidelity, war, violence...

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Rare's Masterpiece 0

In Bad Fur Day, you play as Conker the Squirrel. After a long night out drinking, you wake up the next morning with a killer hangover, and a craving for your bed. On the way, Conker meets several characters, each giving him a different objective, skill etc. The game has a thick plot filled with backstory and plenty of replayability. If you do still own a N64, and you don't own this game, do not hesitate, pick it up immediately....

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Conkers BFD Review 0

In one word this game is incredible. Rare went for a different approach to this game and didn't add lots of collectible items unlike the likes of Banjo Kazooie and DK 64, and did it magnificently. This game was absolutely hilarious, fun to play and is one of the best platformers on the N64. Good pointsIt's funny and you get to do things few other games would dare. The gameplay is fantastic and all the platforming aspects are there. The graphics are very good considering this is a nintendo64 gam...

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A N64 Game I've Never Seen Before This Great 0

I never seen games this powerful for platforms that dosen't even look capaple for handling it. And here's Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64 and it was just fun. It had so many things that other Nintendo 64 games didn't have. The story plot involves a red squirrel named Conker having a small party in the Cock and Plucker with a group of squirrels going to war tomorrow, but he ends up drinking a bit too much and gets lost. His adventure is to try to get home to get some shut eye. But many distracti...

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An N64 Gem 0

From the very beginning this game has some of the most outlandish, crude, and vulgar humor seen on a game possibly ever... and it's completely amazing. Conker's Bad Fur Day was a rare (no pun intended) game for the N64's usually family friendly persona. The levels/chapters are all strangely obscure with a bit of crudities throw in that are so out of left field that you can't help but laugh. The game's color scheme is rather bright and cheerful (even in the "darker" chapters) and are actually ver...

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