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    The lead singer of the band The Garland Globetrotters and friend of Vanilla after finding him washed up on a beach. A kind and seemingly cheerful young woman, though she struggles to maintain the band, care for her sick mother and cope with her past.

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     Outwardly, Connie seems like a happy and cheerful young woman, and she quickly takes a shine to Vanilla, trying to befriend him and steer him on the right path. However, those closest to her know that this cheerful face she puts on is not her full self. On the inside, Connie remains troubled by certain events of the past that Vanilla reminds her of, as well as the deteriorating health of her mother. Despite this, she remains a kind and thoughtful person to just about everyone around her, except for Mallow. She is the lead singer of the popular group known as The Garland Globetrotters. She also appears to be the only member of the group without a Trotmobile of her own. Depending on the course of the game, she will often travel with Vanilla in his Trotmobile wherever he goes.


     Connie's U.S. Voice actor is Wendee Lee. The singing voice for Connie is provided by Nadia Gifford. She performs the songs "In Your Voice", "Impossible", "I Cry", "1,000 Bricks", and "See You Later".

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