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    Conquest Mode

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    A Multiplayer game mode where two opposing teams battle for flags, bases, or outposts

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    Origin & Concept

    This game mode originated in Battlefield 1942, and is a hallmark of the games in the Battlefield franchise. Each team tries to control as many outposts as possible, which is done by players being within proximity of a outpost. The more teammates that stand near an outpost, the faster the team will capture it. Capture is nullified if a player from each team stands near the outpost. Once an outpost is captured, players can spawn at that location. A game of Conquest is over when one team runs out of tickets, or the time limit is reached.


    A lot of games have adopted this type of game mode and made slight alterations to it, so it fits into their particular game world. A few examples:

    • Star Wars: Battlefront was the first game to borrow this concept (along with many other Battlefield concepts), transporting it to outer space and labeling it "Galactic Conquest". The battle areas are divided up in to different planets, with some planets having multiple maps. The goal remains the same; conquer as many areas as possible.
    • Grand Theft Auto IV put it's own spin on the conquest concept with it's "Turf War" game mode. Teams go about trying to control as many bases as possible. The more bases that your team controls, the faster your team’s cash score increases. This is a timed game mode. When time runs out, the team with the most money wins.
    • Red Faction: Guerrilla has it's own unique take on the conquest game mode, called Damage Control. For each map there are three control points. Players are given the Reconstructor (a weapon which can literally rebuild structures) and must "reconstruct" the control points for their team. Enemy control points first must be destroyed with sledge hammers or explosives, and then recaptured using the Reconstructor. The more control points a team conquers, the faster their score increases. The first team to get to the target score wins the match.

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