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    Conrad Verner

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    Conrad Verner is a huge fan of Commander Shepard. He can be found in the Upper Markets of the Wards in Mass Effect 1 and returns in Mass Effect 2 wearing replica N7 armor and can be found in a bar on Illium.

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    Conrad Verner has a rather idealistic view on what a Spectres life is like. If Shepard is dismissive towards him from the beginning, Conrad will walk away from the conversation determined to prove Shepard wrong and is never seen again. Later on in the game, an elevator announcement reveals that Conrad was killed during a fight with a group of Turians.
    If Shepard shows more generosity and agrees to give Conrad an autograph, followed later on by a photo, Conrad will start to believe that he too can be the hero, and will proceed to ask Shepard if he can join his squad as a fellow Spectre. Shepard is then left with two options; either charm him into staying at home with his wife or intimidate him by showing him what it is like to have a gun shoved in your face. If the paragon option is chosen, Conrad will leave the scene nice and quietly. If the renegade option is chosen, Conrad will claim Shepard is no longer his hero, and leave.

    Mass Effect 2

    Conrad is situated in a bar on Illium, and is seen wearing replica N7 armor and pretending to be an Alliance Officer. No matter how the player approached Conrad in the original Mass Effect, he will always claim that Shepard shoved a gun in his face. He believes that he is working for an undercover officer, but it is later revealed that he was misled by the "officer" in order to force someone into selling their property. If the player decides to confront the "officer", they will get a discount at Gateway Personal Defense. Upon returning to Conrad, he will thank Shepard for coming back from the dead, and then leave the bar. The news reports on Illium may then mention that Conrad has started up a charity called "Shepard's".
    It is also possible to dismiss Conrad upon meeting him, which results in him storming off. This can also result in a news report stating that Conrad has been killed.
    Conrad Verner will only appear in Mass Effect 2 if the player completed all three conversations with him in the original Mass Effect.


    Conrad Verner is voiced by Jeff Page.

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