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Based on the French story Le Petit Prince, Contre Jour (meaning 'against daylight') features a contrasting black and white art style resembling Limbo and features gameplay similar to World of Goo.


The main premise of the game is to manipulate the platforms and world around Petit to allow it to reach it's goal, a glowing blue portal, at the end of every level. Each level includes use of various gameplay mechanics which are introduced to the player as the game progresses. These levels are accompanied by a haunting, accordion-heavy soundtrack to enhance the experience. At E3 2011, the stage demo demonstrated a level which required the player to shift the ground in order to create slopes; and another level which required moving Petit through the air by dragging hanging tendrils onto him. Chillingo stated other mechanics in later levels would include portals and air pockets. Although mainly black and white, there will be collectibles in each level which unlock in-game bonuses.


At E3 2011, Chillingo announced there would 60 levels across three worlds in the full version of the game when it is released in July 2011.

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