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Cooke is the grand-daughter of Kaim Argonar and Sarah Sisulart, and Mack's older sister. After the death of their mother, Lirum, Cooke and Mack travel with their grand-parents and the rest of the party. She acts as a guardian and takes care of Mack in their mother's absence. Cooke uses white magic in battle to heal allies, in addition to support spells that can shorten magic casting time for both herself and allies. She is useful as a healer as she is the first party member that is a dedicated healer/support unit, but her low attack and health ratings - coupled with the fact that the immortal spellcasters will quickly outclass her with skill links - mean she is of limited effectiveness in the later stages of the game. Cooke is voiced by Kath Soucie, the actress who plays Phil and Lil DeVille, as well as their mother, Betty, in The Rugrats.

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