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    Cool Boarders 2

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 28, 1997

    Race down the slopes yet again in Cool Boarders 2, this time against A.I.

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    The focus remains to race down the hills in the fastest possible time. However, UEP took a giant leap forward by adding trick competitions and other computer controlled racers to compete against. The game has 7 snowboarders and a total of 11 courses.



    As the name suggests, in this mode you traverse a course anyway you want. Whether that means pulling off tricks off of every jump, racing your way for a record time, or a mixture of both. Scoring in freestyle mode involves tricks performed, wipeouts, and time.


    In Halfpipe mode, the player goes down a halfpipe trying to rack up as many points as possible utilizing various tricks. The scoring is based on the tricks performed.

    BIg Air

    This mode acts like a ski jump, where scoring is based on the maximum distance and rotation achieved. Additionally, pulling off some grabs during the jump allows for points to be achieved.


    This mode allows for split-screen play and the chance to compete against A.I. in the three previously mentioned modes.

    Board Park

    Similar to Freestyle mode, but the track tends to be easier and there is no scoring.


    • White Resort
    • Sunset Downhill
    • Bear in the Forest
    • Railroad Trip
    • Take It Easy
    • Pipeline Canyon
    • Freezing Point
    • Winding River
    • Snow Ruins
    • Dive into the Cave


    Characters are rated based on their Jump, Balance, Technique, Quickness, Power, and Maximum Speed stats.

    • Yaggi
    • Jin
    • Cindy
    • Irin
    • Boss
    • Snowman
    • Gray

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