Cope's Tunnel

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    Cope's Tunnel is a location in Greenvale. Rumor has it that spooky stuff happens there, bro.

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    "I'll tell you a story, OK, man? But don't go spreading it around.
    Spirits, they don't like publicity.
    Back when this place was a lumber kingdom, you know, the rockin 80's. That tunnel was the main connection from the lumber yard to this town. 
    Everyday huge trailers would come in and out. Lots of traffic dude.
    Of course, some people were like up in arms. Save our nature, stop pollution.
    Big business was pushing in here from all over the US of A. Everyone was bickering over the forest.
    So some of the town people got even more worked up you know.
    They started a protest inside the tunnel itself.
    I guess maybe that was the start of all the... bad times. Oh yeah, man, rough stuff and heavy times man.
    The conservationists and the lumber workers faced off with each other. Neither side was backing down, and that made things worse.
    ...Amid all this chaos there was a man and woman who got enaged.
    Problem was that the man was a lumber jack and the woman, she was a tree hugger.
    They rarely ever fought but then one morning they had a lover's quarrel. People think that her love of nature clashed with his profession. 

    But we'll never know what they were fighting about that morning.
    The man shouted, called her an "idiot" as he stormed out and went to work.
    If only he'd have known that would be the last word he ever said to her.

    When he finished his work for the day, he got into his car and drove home.
    When he got to the tunnel he saw lantern lights, glowing faintly.
    "Those fools not again..."
    He just thought they were protesting in the tunnel again. 
    And to scare them a little, he decided to speed up.
    He probably thought they'd all scatter so he wouldn't hit them. But the lights didn't move.
    In fact, one came toward him. A second later there was a thud and a lantern flew up into the air.
    Slammed on his brakes, too late of course. Then totally freaked he climbed out to see what had happened.
    I don't need to tell you who he hit, do I?

    What's more, in her mangled hand... There was a letter to the head of the lumbermill, 
    a peaceful settlement offer.
    The woman had no other relatives other than the man. 
    And the lumbermill took no responsibility for the accident. It was going out of business anyways.
    No one saw him again.
    Some say he killed himself, or simply just vanished... You know, he might still be in the tunnel,
    weeping over his lost love.
    So now, some folks say there's a ghost of a young man that haunts the tunnel.
    I told ya it was called 'Cope's Tunnel' right?
    Well check this out. Some people call it 'Corpse Tunnel' now.

    You'd better be careful, Mr. FBI, if you go down there by yourself. He he he he he..."

                                                                                                                                               -Keith Ingram, local rocker.

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