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    Copy X

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    Copy X a character from the Mega Man Zero series. He is a copy of X created by the scientist Ciel, and is the main antagonist in the first Mega Man Zero game.

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    Copy X was built by Ciel before the events of the first Mega Man Zero game, and was built in order to rule Neo Arcadia, after the real Mega Man X sealed the Dark Elf with his own body, and his ghost (cyber elf) had disappeared . However, he lacked the experience of the true Mega Man X and mistook reploids for the cause of the problem, and started an "Iron fist" regime, executing them without conviction.

    Mega Man Zero

    Copy X in his Seraph Form.
    Copy X in his Seraph Form.
    In the first game, Copy X confronted Zero after he was impressed by his strength and the ease which he defeated Copy X's forces. He challenges Zero to a fight, which he eventually loses. After the defeat, Zero Insisted that despite his memory loss, he remembers X being much stronger than the Copy. Furious from Zero's banter, he transforms into his seraph form, but is also defeated. He tries to destroy Zero by self destructing, but Zero survives.

    Mega Man Zero 3

    In Mega Man Zero 3, Copy X has been rebuilt by Dr Weil as well as 3 of his guardians; Harpuia, Fefnir and Levithian. he regained rule of Neo Arcadia, with Weil as the Shadow Leader, acting as his Chief Advisor.
    Once more, there is a confrontation with Zero, at which he told Zero that what he is doing was right. Once again, however, he is defeated, upon which the real X appears and tells Copy X to stop, as he is being used by  Weil. Copy X, however, grew angrier and refused to listen to X, and transformed into his seraph form. However, X was right, a self destruct mechanism was built into copy X's new body to prevent his rebellion from Weil's orders, which caused Copy X to be destroyed instantly. Although it is likely Copy X wasn't rebelling against Weil, but trying to show Zero and X his true power, or being frustrated for being taken as a fool by everyone.


    His personality is very different from X, mainly due to the lack of battle experience, and is naive, with a corrupted sense of justice, as he thinks he is a perfect copy of X. This is further shown when the insists his regime was good for Neo Arcadia before battling Zero in Mega Man Zero 3.


    • He is the only incarnation of Mega Man that is outright evil.

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