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    The Elven fighter/thief, and unstoppable flirt, of Baldur's Gate

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    Life is adventure or nothing.

    Coran is a recruitable character in Baldur's Gate. He can be found standing on a bridge in the first Cloakwood area, and asks the party to help him hunt wyverns for a bounty. He is an incurable flirt who seems to have slept his way across the Sword Coast, and in the city of Baldur's Gate, one of his dalliances catches up with him in the shape of a half-elven infant and a very angry cuckolded mage. He and Safana get along remarkably well, and are encountered together in a brief scene in Baldur's Gate II, where a female werewolf ends up killing Safana so she can have Coran for herself (having spent a night in his arms - in her human shape - some time ago).

    Coran has an unusually high dexterity of 20, and three points in the bow weapon skill (the standard cap for fighter/thief class characters is two points in a weapon skill). This makes him a remarkably good archer, and his stealth and thieving skills also come very handy. He is one of the highest recommended choices for a good-aligned party.


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