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    A 3D first-person shooter.

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    It is the year 2028. You play as Jason Crane, a member of an elite military force that must investigate an underground station that lost communications. C.O.R.E is an underground facility that stations scientists that are investigating a meteor strike that is changing everything that was impacted by it. C.O.R.E consists of 15 missions, 20 different types of enemies, eight weapons, and a multiplayer with modes such as Death match, Team Arena, and Capture the Flag.


    C.O.R.E. began sometime in 2008 and the developers in NoWay Studio assured to everyone that this will be a high-speed, action packed game that will bring back the "classic" FPS experience (like the Doom and Quake series) to the Nintendo DS. As fans of the shooter and sci-fi genre, NoWay Studio wanted to fill in the big gap in the market by making it the best FPS game for the DS console. C.O.R.E. was scheduled to be released on late 2008 but it was delayed (partly due to low budget) on March 27, 2009 in Europe and August 11, 2009 in North America.


    C.O.R.E. received mixed to negative reviews upon release with ratings ranging from 1 to 5 out of 10. Many critics complained of its difficulty due to limited save points, scarce ammunitions and brutal enemies that start shooting the player once on sight and will not stop until one of them dies. The controls are not fluent and the graphics suffer from low frame rates and muddy textures. The other big criticism is the load time that takes about 15 - 30 seconds to load a level.


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