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    Coron Land

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 25, 1995

    A Japanese exclusive action game that sends Hyou and Kiyu on an adventure to bring back the snow goddess statue to Snowia in order to end the eternal winter.

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    Coron Land is a top-down action game released by Yumedia and Aroma in 1995. The game stars Hyou and Kiyu across a variety of stages fighting evil and saving the land of Snowia.


    On the day of Snowia's annual Winter Festival, a festival that starts Spring, an evil villain takes the snow goddess statue, preventing the festivities from happening and keeping the world in winter indefinitely. Because the statue is needed for spring to come, the heroes Hyou and Kiyu go on an expedition to return the statue to its rightful place and restore order once more.


    The basic gameplay of Coron Land consists of shooting enemies with the ray gun, throwing enemies, and throwing purple balls called Corons at enemies. Corons can either be generated from downed enemies (Quest Mode) or from random appearance (Battle Mode). Enemies are turned into corons after a certain amount of hits, but will return to their former forms if not dealt with after a certain amount of time. Once an enemy becomes a coron, players may either choose to immediately throw them as weapons or roll them to make them become bigger and cause more harm to enemies when thrown. This snowball effect also works for corons that are randomly dropped.

    Quest Mode

    The player chooses from either the male or female character and then embarks on a quest to eliminate a set of foes through six different stages, including an ice, air, and pinball. Enemies vary from floating wizards, to living bombs, to frantic cats. The occasional item or power up sometimes appear to further assist the player. Items are used to revitalize health or add points to total score and power-ups increase the power of the ray gun. Once a level is cleared, point-enhancing fruits are dropped and the next level is loaded. Each level starts the player off on full health and a new arena in the stage to fight in. This mode supports up to two players for co-op.

    Battle Mode

    Typical to any standard battle mode, one to two players fight in several battles against one another and AI until a set amount of wins has been achieved. Players choose from a selection of four characters and six arenas, each that represent a different stage in Quest Mode. Unlike Quest Mode, there are no power-ups, items, or enemies, but corons are still in play. This mode uses four players, but only supports up to two players for competition.


    Coron Land also has a sound test mode, which includes the following tracks:

    1. Yumedia Logo
    2. Title Screen
    3. Storyline
    4. Adventure!
    5. Stage Clear
    6. Encounter with Evil Monkey
    7. Boss Battle
    8. Jungle
    9. Battle with Evil Monkey
    10. Inside the Castle
    11. Final Battle
    12. Ending
    13. Continue?
    14. Snowy Wonderland
    15. Backyard
    16. Place Your Bets!
    17. Toy Factory
    18. Factory
    19. High in the Sky
    20. Winner!

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