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    Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released May 29, 2013

    Ayame wakes up to find herself trapped in a mysterious hospital with no memory of who she is and no way to escape in this sequel to Corpse Party.

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    Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is a horror adventure game that is the first numbered sequel in the Corpse Party franchise and features a new setting, cast, and graphical style, marking the series's debut into the third-dimension. The game was developed for the PC by Grindhouse, a new doujin group founded by Team GrisGris, and was planned to be published episodically beginning in May 29, 2013 with the release of the game's first chapter. However, Corpse Party 2 went on hiatus for many years and didn't see a new entry until the project was rebooted with the release of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues, an enhanced version of the game's first chapter that was published by AGM Playism on October 5, 2017. Neues was also eventually released in English by XSEED on October 23, 2019.


    The only screenshot of Corpse Party 2 running on its Unity-based engine
    The only screenshot of Corpse Party 2 running on its Unity-based engine

    Months after the release of Corpse Party 2's first chapter in 2013, Grindhouse announced that the game would be ported over to a new Unity-based engine. Corpse Party 2 was originally running on a modified version of the group's GrisGris Engine, the same engine that was used to develop the PC version of Corpse Party 1. But due to the game's many technical issues the team decided to port all their assets to Unity and were planning to release a port of Chapter 1 that ran on the new engine. However, years later, Grindhouse announced that Chapter 1 would be re-released under the name Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues and would be running on yet another new engine called the “KENIX Engine NEUES.” The first chapter of Dead Patient Neues contained additional story content and new gameplay mechanics along with other improvements to the game's presentation. Neues was published in 2017 but a release schedule for future chapters of Corpse Party 2 was never announced. A completely new game called Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion was announced in 2023 but series creator Makoto Kedouin has stated that Dead Patient is still in development.


    • The creator of Corpse Party, Makoto Kedouin, was originally making a sequel to Corpse Party in 1996 for the PC-98 called "Corpse Party 2: Satsuki's Heart." The game was never finished but it was going to star Yuka Mochida's best friend, Satsuki Mizuhara, who explores an abandoned manor after receiving a mysterious letter. Although the project was abandoned, Satsuki appeared years later as a character in Corpse Party 2U and Blood Drive.
    • The Corpse Party franchise contains three titles that have a number 2 in their title. This includes Corpse Party 2U, renamed to "Sweet Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Bash" in the West, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, and Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion.

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