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The Book Of Shadows opens and what you see might just be your demise... 0

As time goes by October rears it's head once again. Although this review is hitting a day early the mood has been set and it was time to enter the halls of Heavenly Host elementary school one more time before the sequel to this finally gets released in English a few weeks later. Although Book of Shadows is a sequel to the first game it is mostly a excuse to revisit/remix scenes from the previous game from a new angle. Giving each character a bit more backstory than you've seen before or actuall...

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This is not a bad attempt at a “fill in the details” follow up to Corpse Party. I just wish it was a true sequel. 0

After playing through the fantastic Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward on the 3DS, I had been looking to find more visual novel/adventure games to play. When I was told that I should check out Corpse Party on the PSP, I eagerly relented and played through its horror themed adventure. Despite not finding the experience with Corpse Party as polished as Virtue’s Last Reward, the game did manage to entertain me, while doing what I would think is impossible with a visual novel – feeling suspense and c...

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