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    A large spider like creature from the Hollow. The Locust use them to make large E-holes, big enough for Brumaks to march out of.

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    Corpsers are large creatures found in the Hollows. They most resemble a spider as they have many legs, but are like all the other Hollow creatures. A creature that looks like a reptile-mammal cross. They use their legs as a protective barrier if under fire and raise their legs above their head to crush their enemies. They are effectively used as living drills, when they emerge they often leave a giant emergence hole. Because of their Brumak-like size, they leave enough space for entire Locust horde, or even Brumaks, to attack the surface. They can also burrow underground surprisingly quickly again, meaning they can quickly destroy masses of ordnance without getting hit.

    In Gears of War 2, an assault derrick is destroyed by a Corpser that jumps on the chassis of the machine and then burrows back underground. Multiple Corpsers are also seen in this act making E-holes.


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