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Corroder is the second deranged murderer that is encountered in the survival horror game Clock Tower 3.  He is a serial killer who died and was resurrected and controlled by an ancient evil being known as an "Entity", thereby  becoming a "Subordinate" and doing this Entity's bidding.  With each human victim that Corroder slays he grows in strength and has the ability to accumulate this power infinitely.  Corroder's weapon of choice is a spray nozzle and jug of sulfuric acid.


 A dead news reporter that was burned to death by Corroder's acid nozzle.
 A dead news reporter that was burned to death by Corroder's acid nozzle.
John Haigh's murder spree began roughly in 1961.  Typically, he robbed his victims and then dissolved the alive in sulfuric acid, destroying the evidence.  Since he stole the sulfuric acid he needed, the police were able to track down his source: a factory in Horsham, England.  Corroder was pursued by the police in the metallurgical factory and on May 11th, 1962, he died by falling into a vat of the very acid that he used on his victims.
Not long after, Corroder was resurrected by the Entity to become one of his Subordinates because newspapers report two more of his victims found in Crawley, West Sussex on November 23rd, 1963.  The victims were relatives of Haigh's, the toymaker Albert Rand and Albert's mother.  Haigh stayed with them a short while before he ultimately murdered them.  He first sprayed their faces with acid, cursing them to be blind forever so that they may never see each other again.  Then he submerged them in a drum of acid.
 The Corroder was no match for Alyssa Hamilton.
 The Corroder was no match for Alyssa Hamilton.
Corroder was slain by the Rooder, Alyssa Hamilton, the protagonist of Clock Tower 3.  Alyssa was able to appease the spirits of Albert Rand and his mother by finding the shawl the son had made for his mother, and she then used her magic bow to slay the Corroder once and for all.

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