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solid tactical stealth shooter

Developed by the same team who made Mutant Year Zero, Corruption 2029 builds on the same gameplay as Mutant but adds elements that give you more freedom in your stealthy and tactical endeavors.

Playing the game, mechanically, feels very similar to Mutant, with the same solid and smooth controls. If you have played said game, learning to play Corruption 2029 will be very easy, even the button configurations are the same. Likewise the environmental designs have the same detail and visual charm as their previous game.

How you play and approach each mission in Corruption 2029 is similar to Mutant, and indeed most games of this nature: stealth with silent weapons until you fail, resulting in cover-based action. At least, that's how I usually play them.

There are several differences in the gameplay between Corruption 2029 and Mutant however.

In Corruption you have more freedom in how you build each character in your team. Mutant was quite restricted in this, having a specific set of skills for each character. In Corruption you don't have this limitation, so it's easier to build the team you want - in accordance with how you play the game. You are not "playing characters" in Corruption, in the same way.

There are a number of gameplay differences, for example you can use decoys or distractions presented in the environment to distract or get an enemy soldier's attention, you can use mines, etc. As a whole, the gameplay allows for more tactical orchestrations or build-ups than what you got in Mutant Year Zero. The devs have expanded on this element.

Another difference is the mission structures or campaign progression. In Corruption the progression is not as linear as in Mutant. You get an overarching mission, but inside that you have a number of sub-missions to choose from. You can do all sub-missions if you want, or only those that are necessary.

Each sub-mission gives you a crucial objective as well as an optional objective. The main mission might be "shut down X", and an optional mission might be "assassinate commander x". You get the idea. Completing the sub-mission grants you new equipment, like new weapons for example. After each successful mission you get rewarded with upgrades for your squad, which you then allocate between your team members.

You also have a number of challenges in each mission, for example "kill x number of enemies without causing alert". To me these were very challenging, and I didn't do that many of them to be honest.

Though not related, Mutant and Corruption both present you with dystopian sci-fi game-worlds. While the former went for a more Fantasy-inspired setting, Corruption is more closer to contemporary and darker science-fiction. It reminded me somewhat of games like Deus Ex, Division 2, and the more futuristic Call of Duty and Battlefield games, with their corporate/military themes.

Story-wise I thought it was interesting enough, but not as interesting as in Mutant Year Zero, which was more unique. The narration and voice-acting was really good, as was the presentation as a whole. The atmosphere is great, you definitely get the impression of a world thrust into chaos, conflict and turmoil.

In summary then, if you are looking for a solid tactical shooter or stealth game, Corruption 2029 is definitely worth a look.

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