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    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released March 1992

    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is a sidescrolling platformer, published as Shareware by Apogee Software, Ltd. in 1992.

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    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure was developed by Todd Replogle of 3D Realms. He is best known for his co-creation of Duke Nukem. In the game, the player has direct control over the game's protagonist, Cosmo. The player plays through three episodes, each containing ten levels.


    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure begins as Cosmo's parents take him to Disney World for his birthday. However, before they arrive, a comet hits their spaceship and they are forced to make an emergency landing on another planet. Cosmo wanders off while his parents repair their ship, and when he returns, his parents are gone. Cosmo then sets off to find them.

    After spending the first episode exploring the strange planet, Cosmo is swallowed by a strange creature. At the end of the second episode, Cosmo escapes the creature and continues his quest.

    At the end of the game, Cosmo finds his parents, who were not in danger to begin with. The game concludes as Cosmo and his family reach Disney World.


    The game's graphics were output at a 320x200 resolution. The graphics were quite advanced for their time, and as a result the game's frame rate frequently dropped.

    Original System Requirements

    • XT Computer (286 MHz or higher recommended)
    • 525 KB of conventional memory
    • 2.6 MB of hard-drive space (for shareware version)
    • 7.2 MB of hard-drive space (for registered version)

    Easter Egg

    While exploring the inside of the creature in Episode 2, Cosmo encounters Duke Nukem, surrounded by ice. If Cosmo bombs the ice, Duke is released, and gives Cosmo a cheeseburger. However, Duke does not assist Cosmo with the rest of his journey, insisting that he is on a mission to save the galaxy. Ever the opportunist, Duke tells Cosmo to watch for Duke Nukem II before leaving. In the game, Duke's name is displayed in its original form (Duke Nukum).


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